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Whitening Your Child’s Teeth: Red Flags and Options

Whitening teeth has become a national fashion statement for teens as well as adults in the United States.  At Dentistry for Children in Orlando, we were surprised to discover the price of the pursuit of

Molars: Seal Them Now or Fill them Later?

Good News!  Studies have proven the effectiveness of dental sealant, especially on children's molars.  Welcome to our update on molars and dental sealants. At Dentistry for Children, we are well aware that the science of

Breaking News in Funding for Future Teeth in FY 2018

Back in balmy May of this year, we reported the news of the good work being done legislators, advocators and the AAPD for the 2017 federal budgets for oral health training and pediatric dentistry. Beautiful

Fruit Juice Exposed: Ugly Secrets and a Bad Habit

If you have not heard the about the ugly side of fruit juice, Dentistry for Children knows this article will be an eye-opener.  For generations, fruit juice has been considered a staple in the diet