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Mother’s Day and Baby’s First Visit

Mother’s Day and Mother's Day Week brings us the opportunity to honor all of our moms!  We have all been shopping to find Mom the perfect gift and make the perfect memory on Mother's Day.

The Dentist’s Super-Power: X-ray

The dentist's super-power, his use of X-ray,  has long evoked puzzled and powerful questions from parents.  This will not be our first blog on the matter, but it has been a while since we published

Easter Basket Greetings and Goodies

Easter Basket goodies are in the stores, on television and in your children's dreams. Are your children expecting sugary "Greetings and Goodies" to devour by the pound?  A Side Gift of all of these "goodies"

Easter Bunny Guide: Hatch Healthy Teeth

The Easter Bunny greets us every spring with eggs.  Now everybody knows bunnies do not hatch eggs. However, bunnies, eggs and budding flowers bring us delightful spring greetings this time of year.  Another thing that