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Healthy Oral Hygiene is a Challenge to Summer Schedules

Healthy oral hygiene becomes a big challenge whenever routine is changed.  And summer vacation time from school might be the largest schedule challenge ever faced by tooth fairies and parents.  Healthy brushing habits, not to

Toxicology Testing Proves Fluoride Causes No Harm

Toxicology Testing:  Undoubtedly parents and caregivers who frequent the Internet have been concerned with the ongoing debate about fluoride in drinking water.  Advocates both for and against community water fluoridation highly anticipated the testing results. 

Numbing Meds, Truth, Teething and Finding a Better Way

Lisa holds a bottle of numbing medicine in her hand as she stands in the tooth-care section of her pharmacy.  Leaning on the shopping cart, she is reading the box.  Her tearful baby is making

Teething for the 21st Century, a Cold Cloth and a Sense of Humor

Teething causes suffering.  It might be one of the first uncomfortable stages of experiences about being human.  Here at Dentistry for Children, we have empathy for the baby who suffers the pain and discomfort.