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Patients and Parents: Updated Message

Patients and Parents:  We have updated our blog with a very  special message from Dr. Troy King and his staff. Spring Break Brings Parents and Patients Family Time to Enjoy Special Moments. But Don't

Got Flu? Get Toothbrushes

Got Flu?  On a recent trip to the doctor, Jeremy’s mom expressed frustration with the number of times she and her child had already endured the flu.  She explained that she kept her home meticulously

Flu and Dental Care: Big, Bad Connection

Flu and dental care have a connection often neglected or completely unknown. In this blog, we will tell you about the mysterious connection between flu and dental care.  We are at the height of the

Clean Teeth and Healthy Hearts

Clean teeth make more of an impression on heart health than you might realize.  It might seem odd to tell your child that cleaning his/her teeth is good for his heart, but recent studies prove