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Dental Injuries of Spring, Part I: The Knocked out Tooth

Dental Injuries can happen at any season.  It just seems like we see more of them as springtime sports and outdoor activities begin each year.  Thus, we welcome you to Part 1 of our 3-Part

Mania for Mouthguards Keeps Kids Safe

The mania for mouthguards here at Children’s Dentistry in Orlando, has kept many children from losing teeth and bone.  You see, a mania for mouthguards is far better than a mania for maxillo-facial surgery for

Must-Know Dental Facts

Must-Know survey info has come to light concerning kids’ teeth.  The AAPD recently focused on facts about children’s dental health and we’re following up with must-know news and statistics. It’s time you knew about the

Toothpaste and Tooth-brushing Truths

Toothpaste and Tooth-brushing techniques are in the spotlight. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) recently published a report about toothpaste and tooth-brushing patterns among children in the US. Tooth-brushing early is