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Back-to-School Time for Dental Care

Here at Dentistry for Children in Central Florida, we have suddenly realized that Back-to-School days have arrived.  Once again it’s time for school books, crayons, bright pencils, bus rides and homework. Families must once again

Fear of Dentistry: Conquered by Trust

Fear and Terror:  Is your child afraid of the dentist?  Do they have nightmares the night before a dental appointment?  Or do they toss and turn and not sleep at all? Why does the dentist scare

Baby Vs. Permanent Teeth: Heroes vs. Zeros

Baby teeth refer to your baby’s first teeth.  We call them baby teeth, deciduous teeth, primary teeth or milk teeth.  These tiny baby teeth, no matter what you call them, all fall away by about

Decay Demon Attack: Toothstone Territory

The Decay Demon attacks on your teeth can last as long as 20 minutes after eating or drinking sugary drinks.  And they seem to be attacking more often.  Dentistry for Children dedicates this blog to