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Healthy Teeth: Kids and Tooth Fairy

Healthy teeth: or not?  Let’s take a look at highlights of a new national survey from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).  From the statistics and insights revealed in this report, we can learn

A Tooth-Conscious Halloween And A Candy Buy-Back Honors Troops and Saves Teeth

A Tooth-Conscious Halloween Event is on the way! Before we write another sentence, let’s invite you officially to:   the Dentistry for Children Halloween Candy Buy-Back Party!  Mark your calendars now, if you haven’t already!

School Daze: Age Appropriate Dental Tips—Pt. II of Last Week’s Blog

We are aware that the Autumn school days might have parents in a daze, although we are quickly finding our fall routines.  Our children are immersed in a daze of school activities, sports, studies, and

The Dental Check-up: a Back-to-School Crusade for Dentists

The Dental Check-up might seem a very small part of the “Back to School” effort. However, The  Back-to-Sschool Dental Check-up has become the personal Crusade of AAPD President Dr. Joeseph Castellano.  Dental check-up schedules must not