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Sedation Safety Regulation Reformed

Sedation safety has always been a critical concern at Dentistry for Children.  Sedation is a serious word. It means "the act of calming by administration of a sedative. A sedative is a medication that commonly induces the nervous system to calm." Likewise, general anesthesia means: "a state of unconsciousness produced by anesthestic agents, with absence of pain sensation over the entire body and a greater or lesser degree of muscular relaxation; the  medicines producing this state can be administered by inhalation, intravenously, intramuscularly, or rectally, or via the gastrointestinal tract."  Either sedation or general anesthesia would only be recommended for

Happy July 4: No Vacay from Tooth Decay

Happy July 4 to you and your family!  Here at Dentistry for Children, our patients from Oviedo, Orlando, and Central Florida are chattering about all the picnic food they will eat and all the fireworks

Fathers Day 2019 and Dental Tips For Dad

Fathers Day 2019:  This day of Celebration and Dentistry might seem like far apart topics.  However, each year, our family of dentistry professionals sends you happy greetings on this upcoming Dad’s Day celebration.  Thus, you

Oral Piercing Pitfalls for Your Trendy Teen

Piercing the tongue, lip or cheek for jewelry additions have become trendy forms of self-expression.  Is your stylish teen thinking about getting jewelry for his or her tongue, lip or cheek?  At Dentistry for Children,