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Nitrous Oxide Secrets of Dr. Troy King’s Magic Mist

Nitrous Oxide or “laughing gas,” comes with extra giggles at no extra charge here at Dentistry for Children.  It’s no secret that many of our young patients have a high regard for Harry Potter, and

Chairside Whitening: Safest Dazzle for Your Child’s Smile

Chairside tooth whitening, as opposed to at-home whitening, is the name of the professional tooth-whitening procedure offered at your child’s regular pediatric dentist.  There is no question that chairside whitening is the gold-standard of tooth whitening

Whiter Teeth: Worth the Risk? Pt. 2

Whiter teeth have flashed across the scene as a standard of health and beauty.  In Part I of our coverage, on the youthful pursuit of whiter teeth, Dentistry for Children addressed the issue of tooth whitening.

Whitening Your Child’s Teeth: Red Flags and Options

Whitening teeth has become a national fashion statement for teens as well as adults in the United States.  At Dentistry for Children in Orlando, we were surprised to discover the price of the pursuit of