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Healthy Drinks and Holidays for Children

Healthy Drinks and Happy Holidays is the greeting from Dentistry for Children this week!  We know families are busy right now, preparing for holiday festivities. However, that is the very reason we hope you pause

Thanksgiving 2019: Tooth-Healthy Wishes

Thanksgiving 2019 wishes come to you this week from our family at Dentistry for Children to yours.  Our first purpose of this Thanksgiving blog is the sincere wish you will have a wonderful holiday. Likewise,

Tongue-Tie Worries Banished

Tongue-Tie and its associated worry is not a new topic at Dentistry for Children.  However, we have discovered that many young mothers are worrying their child’s resolved tongue-tie will return.  Will it grow back? Tongue

Invisalign Aligners: Smile Construction

Invisalign Aligners technology has quietly become a treasure coveted by children of all ages. For a little boy nick-named Buckey and a little girl nick-named Snaggletooth, this new technology will be life-changing.  Invisalign aligners are