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Tongue-Tie Worries Banished

Tongue-Tie and its associated worry is not a new topic at Dentistry for Children.  However, we have discovered that many young mothers are worrying their child’s resolved tongue-tie will return.  Will it grow back? Tongue

Invisalign Aligners: Smile Construction

Invisalign Aligners technology has quietly become a treasure coveted by children of all ages. For a little boy nick-named Buckey and a little girl nick-named Snaggletooth, this new technology will be life-changing.  Invisalign aligners are

Tooth Monsters Attack

Tooth Monsters are knocking on your door. Have you forgotten “Tooth DK” or “Ginger Bite us”? What about  Tartar the Terrible? Sugar Bugs Just Love Hard, Sweet, Sticky Candy. All the tooth Monsters

Teal Blue Pumpkin Time

Teal Blue Pumpkin Time has arrived!  It’s time for our annual Teal Blue Pumpkin Blog!  Almost every year, we blog about this wonderful new Halloween tradition. The Halloween tradition, begun in 2014, comes with a