Dangerous trends in styles are gaining popularity in the adolescents and preadolescents of up and coming generations.  Trends such as tooth piercing, tooth gems, other oral jewelry and (cringe!) tongue splitting can threaten the health of your child’s teeth.  These trends seem unfair after you worked so hard with your child with regular dental visits, fillings, caps and even braces.

Dental parents of America, we salute you!  You deserve kudos for your patience in teaching your children good oral habits.  As your toothy children grew into the pre-teen level, you breathed a sigh of relief.

You even overcame your fear of soccer and skateboarding when the dentist fitted them with customized mouthguards.   And recently you even understood the stylish statement of tooth brighteners and whiteners.

Dangerous Trends:  Opportunities for self-expression?

Role Models Can Sometimes Present a Dangerous trends to Young Wannabes

Sucha Piercings Are Not Just a Harmless Trend. They Actually Endanger Your Adolescent.

Little did you realize Tooth piercing, tooth gems, and other oral jewelry have become dangerous trends.  And yet, these are modes for self-expression among teens and pre-teens.  These are not new trends.  In fact, they are retro from the 1990s.  This was begun by singers and sports-figures.   There is even ancient history behind primitive man using his teeth as personal self-expression.  The British Museum shows a skull with teeth that have been inlaid with semi-precious stones at about 600 BC.   That does not mean it was a good or healthy idea.

The piercing, grilles and tooth gems are just stylish in the mind of your teens.  However, they are sources of real alarm to your pediatric dentist.  We of Dentistry for children are going to take a stand against them.  We are not being just style-party-poopers.   As we shall reveal in the article below, we are well acquainted with the risks and health problems that can result from these trends.

A Strong Stand Against Dangerous Trends in Dentistry and Oral Style

Dentistry for Children is taking a strong stand against the entire group of toothy and oral style trends.  And, we see mainly coming out of the tattoo parlors and the back rooms of saloons.  Please realize, we are not alone in our stand on this.   Here’s the Policy statement from the AAPD:  “The AAPD strongly opposes the practice of piercing intraoral and perioral tissues.”  And then, they added opposition to the “use of jewelry on intraoral and perioral tissues due to the potential for pathological conditions and sequelae associated with these practices.”

Trends and Truths about Tooth Jewelry

The Gem Trend:  Tooth Jewelry Changes your tooth enamel forever.   A tooth jewel piercing might not be a real hole in the tooth, but it does wound the surface of your tooth enamel forever.  Thus, additional proof that piercings are part of dental’s dangerous trends.

  1. As a parent, you should know that in the procedure of attaching a gem or crystal to the tooth, the surface of the tooth enamel is scratched, sanded and prepared by the person applying it. Strong, caustic Cement, glue or magnetic material might be attached the jewel to the tooth surface.
  2. We know that “Today, celebrities sport jewels and designer symbols as a fashion statement.”  (And we say, it’s not worth it.  Read on to understand why.  Then you will be able to explain to your child exactly what he or she is risking

Tricky and Dangerous Trends:  How Is a Tooth Piercing Placed?

Here is the scoop, step by step.

Style is Wonderful Except When Part of Dangerous Trends That Are Harmful.

Age Of Expression: Teens and Pre-Teens Need Ways to Express Themselves.  Piercings Are Not Recommended.

  • Tooth gems are most commonly placed on the anterior, or front teeth.
  • The tooth enamel must be prepped or conditioned prior to placement.  And this preparation will often permanently change the tooth surface.
  • A professional piercer is not trained in dentistry.  Thus, these changes can be dangerous for your long-term oral health.

So, How A Cute Little Diamond Causes Decay

This gem impairs the tooth brushing skills of busy teenagers.  Other more elaborate decorations like grills and gap jewels might be removable, but they are traps for food debris and food debris.


Potential Complications and a Special Refusal

We are well aware that some tooth gem companies “advertise that the procedure can be performed by your dentist.”  Like us, most dentists will refuse to do this unhealthy procedure.   Here are some of the consequences:

  • Chipped, eroded or damaged adjacent teeth
  • Oral tissue infections and scarring Enamel abrasion, especially with movable and removable jewelry
  • Enamel abrasion, especially with movable and removable jewelry
  • Irritation from metal allergies
  • Accumulation of plaque around the tooth gems or piercing
  • Gum inflammation around jewelry
  • Injuries to soft tissue if a piercing is dislodged or ripped out


Piercings are a Part of Dangerous Trends That Endanger Teeth.

Lip and Tongue Piercings Require Special Jewelry and Daily Disinfecting.

So, we recommend that you stick to the ears and the nose.  Avoid dangerous trends and leave out piercing the teeth as well as other surfaces of the mouth.   No, we’re not fond of hardware in the ears, nose, or eyebrows either.  But at least those piercings won’t hurt your teeth and gums.  Parents, stand by for more information next week and avoid giving permission for pierced lips and gums until you and your child read all the newest material of the dangers of these trends.

In our next blog, we will go into deep reasons for avoiding piercing the gums, cheeks, lips and other oral tissues.  There are massive health reasons to avoid these dangerous trends.  In all fairness to your child, once you have appraised him or her of the dangers to be revealed in our Part Two of Dangerous Dental Trends, they might quickly change their minds about those styles.  After all, there are other avenues of self-expression and ornamentation.