We know all this fun is exciting to you, but be sure to reserve some moments to honor the real reasons behind the sky-rockets, parades, picnics and celebrations of Independence Day.  At Dentistry for Children, we are unashamedly patriotic, and we hope you are also.


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Independence Day Means More Than Fireworks, Picnics, and Parades

On this day, July 4, right in the middle of the week, we are pausing to honor all of those people, living and dead who help keep our country free.  The living includes our fine military who protect us daily.  The honored and iconic dead include those famous men of history who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Independence Day began with a document.

Learn the True Meaning of Independence Day

They took an awesome risk for us because if we had not won Independence, then they would have been brutally hung or shot.  Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Hancock, are all names of our historic Super Heroes who fearlessly signed a precious piece of paper known as the Declaration of Independence.  In their honor, Dentistry for Children brings you three interesting fun facts about Independence Day:

  1. What Day Was That?  “According to author Kenneth C. Davis, July 2nd is the real day of Independence.  But it’s celebrated on the fourth because that’s when Congress accepted Jefferson’s declaration.”  We believe some of them took the time to think about the risky significance of their signature.  And yet, 48 hours was all it took for them to choose to accept and sign the Declaration of Independence.
  2. Now, Where Did I Put That Paper?  “Jefferson’s original draft of the Declaration of Independence was lost, and the one eventually signed is the “engrossed” document.”  We cannot help but wish they had our luxury of digital files.
  3. What a Catchy Tune!  “Yankee Doodle,” a popular American patriotic song, was originally sung prior to the Revolution by British military officers in mockery of the unorganized and buckskin-wearing “Yankees.”

An Independence Day Tooth Tragedy

Independence Day or any day can bring a child a broken tooth. Be prepared.

Stay Calm in a Tooth Tragedy. Your Pediatric Dentist Can Often Repair the Damage.

To make a long story short, Cousins Isabella (age 9)and Tom (age 12) were at a  happy Independence day cookout when, for no known reason, Tom decided to chase Isabella with the threat he would cut off her ponytail if he caught her.  Isabella knew it was a game and the chase was on throughout the spacious backyard.  She never saw the old clothesline pole coming.  And she ran right into it, head-on, losing two front teeth in the crash.  There was blood and there were screams, but her mother calmed her down.

Then she gently picked the precious two front teeth out of the grass.  One was perfectly intact and the other one had lost a large corner.  Surprise!  This blogger, for Dentistry for Children, was that nine-year-old girl!  And I have never forgotten that Independence Day.  Although my name is not Isabella, I do want you to know that I still have those teeth today because of my mother’s fast action.  She knew what to do with my (Isabella’s) Independence Day Dental Emergency and so did my dentist.

A Broken Tooth Merits Fast Action on Independence Day or Any Day

Rough-housing and game-playing at parks or backyards always happens at a family gathering.  And the rough fun is not exclusive to the July 4 holiday.  As we have said in a previous blog, your response must be quick when a child knocks out or breaks a tooth.  Time is of the essence.

Yes, A Broken or Chipped Tooth Warrants An Emergency Call!

Independence Day brings amazing fun for children. But beware of the hazards.

Have a Star Spangled Holiday!

  1. First, Use The Phone: Call Dentistry for Children.  Even if we are beyond office hours, we will attempt to come up with an emergency appointment.
  2. Quickly, collect the tooth, tooth chip or the shards.  Did you know that even a small piece will aid in color-matching at least?
  3. The position of the Tooth: “If a tooth gets knocked out of position, try gently moving it back into its proper place.  Since Isabella had a perfect gap, her mother inserted one of the front teeth right into the socket.  The broken one was different.  She put the two big pieces into a cup of milk.
  4. Action Moment for a Broken Tooth:  Whoa!  Caution—This Tooth Is Completely Knocked Out!  If a child’s tooth gets knocked out completely, “keep calm and carry on” a search for it.
  5. We recommend placing it in a cup of cold milk for transport to the dental office.
  6. Here is a special note:  Do Not Scrub the Broken Tooth!
  7. Likewise, do not wrap the tooth in a towel or Kleenex.  If you have no milk, use a little water in the cup and get to the dentist as soon as possible.

My (Isabella’s) pediatric dentist met my mother and I on an emergency appointment, even though it was Independence Day.  He repaired, positioned and polished both teeth.  And the polished diagonal chip actually grew out over the years, although it looked very pointy in appearance at first.  I still made it to the fireworks display that night with my family and my teeth.

The Star-Spangled, Red, White and Blue Take-Away From Our Family at Dentistry For Children to  You and Your Family and Straight from the Heart


Take the time to know the true meaning of Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Nobody Celebrates July 4th Like We Do in Florida.

Let’s wrap up this blog with a final heartfelt wish that you take safety precautions when you engage in active sports and games.  Again, we hope you have an Amazing Fourth of July Celebration and make some wonderful memories with family and friends.