Patients and Parents:  We have updated our blog with a very  special message from Dr. Troy King and his staff.

Spring Break Brings Parents and Patients Family Time to Enjoy Special Moments. But don't Neglect Your Oral Health.

Spring Break Brings Parents and Patients Family Time to Enjoy Special Moments. But Don’t Neglect Your Oral Health.

Good Morning:  It’s Monday, March 23, 2020.

Dr. Troy King, the dentist of “Dentistry for Children,” made an important statement this morning, regarding recent COVID-19 directives.

“Things are pretty quiet at Dentistry for Children. We sure do miss each and every one of the kids that we have been blessed too treat over the years. And we miss the parents as well. But we are glad you are staying home and being safe.  And we hope you continue to do so.”

Closing Regular Office Hours for Your Safety:

He added, “We’ve been directed by the governor to cease operations until May 8th. And we plan on abiding by that directive. We do however maintain full access to emergency care that your child may need.”

Dentistry for Children:  A Plan for Dental Emergencies

Dr. King explained, “If your child has pain or if your child has swelling or infection, don’t hesitate to call my cell phone number at 407 446 5015! 

He continued, “Please everyone stay safe. Tune in to see some videos and blogs we plan to put out to help the kids while they are home for good oral hygiene as well as their diet and other things of that nature. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if need assistance.

“You have my cell number. You have my prayers. And you have my best wishes.

Have a great day. and call if you need us.

God Bless.”

Spending Time at Home: No Excuse for Poor Dental Hygiene

Spring Break vacation schedules and COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are flowing into late nights. We are experiencing unique interruptions in family schedules.  Thus, Dentistry for Children is focused on an important message for patients and parents:  Do not over-look dental attention.

Do Not Quarantine Your Dental Care

Dental care and oral hygiene cannot take a Spring break. At Dentistry for Children, we remind patients and parents to remember that dental problems never take a vacation. Decay and other dental villains are on a crusade to destroy the personal dental health and beauty of children’s happy smiles.

Young Patients Should Be Encourages to Be Diligent in Tooth Care.

Spring Break is No Excuse For Little Patients or Parents to Neglect Dental Care.

Thus we of “Dentistry for Children” here in Oviedo are warning parents that they must be vigilant. Children cannot take a Spring Break or a Quarentine from regular brushing and flossing routines.

Secondly, if you are leaving the area, be sure to take Dentistry for Children with you.

We do not mean that literally, of course. We appeal to you to take our contact information with you. Please put our number and email address into your Smartphone. Take Dr. King’s special cell phone number with you.  407 446 5015

In the case of a dental emergency, you can call us. Did you know that even over the phone, we can help you with a dental problem?

It’s Spring Break:  Easter Bunnies Sometimes Arrive Early! (Oh, No, Not the Candy Ones!)

Another important message for COVID-19 Time at Home, and Spring Break time at home is that we realize kids crave sugary treats on vacation.

As we always do, we absolutely urge you to avoid sugary drinks.  This is important for times like this Quarantine, when kids crave something tasty to break the boredome. But sugary drinks are addictive. We hope you won’t resume your normal schedule with a new habit that is horrible for dental health.  Of course, we feel the same way about candy, chips and cookie treats.

  • Use your some of your Quarentine time for snack-making fun, and make some healthy ones.
  • Fruit and cheese kabobs are great fun for kids to make as well as eat. All you have to do is alternate cubes of cheese with grapes and strawberries or other types of fruit chunks.

We have seen all kinds of cute recipes for healthy snacking at this popular online resource. Well, they aren’t recipes actually; they are more like food arrangements. They are adorably arranged snacks. And they aren’t just healthy for teeth but also creative engagement for children.

Are You Camping Out for Spring Break?

Little Patients Need Help Choosing Healthy Snacks.

Healthy Treats Instead of Candy

Here is the scenario:  You are all set with your camper or tent, ready to enjoy camping or glamping when you realize you forgot your toothbrush. Our advice is to use your finger or a piece of cloth.

(We know that does not sound like fun, but it is certainly better than ignoring your dental health, even for a weekend. After using your finger or a soft cloth, remember to rinse vigorously. (If you are roughing it and the drinking water is not very clean, remember to use your trusty water bottle or canteen of clean water.)

Another Message For our Outdoor-loving Patients and Parents

Another traveler’s dental trick we think is worth re-stating at Spring Break or COVID-19 Quarantine is to keep that brush clean while you are away from home. Now, we don’t mean you need a fancy plastic traveling box. All you need is a box of resealable plastic bags. Now, when you travel, put your toothbrush, wet or dry, inside the protection of that plastic bag.

Experts explain, “Letting your toothbrush air dry is how you keep your toothbrush clean at home, but that’s not always possible on vacation.”

We know that we have stressed that a brush should be air-dried. However, on a camping trip that can be difficult.  Experts have said, “Keeping your toothbrush clean and out of contact with other things is more important than making sure it’s dry on vacation.”

Quarantine COVID-19, Snacking Blues and Sugarless Chews

Our final sugar-free message surprises some patients and parents. We suggest you kill the urge to snack with a sugarless chewing gum that has the ADA Seal. It will taste like a treat, but it’s actually good for your dental health, in moderation.

Did you know you that chew sugarless gum for 20 minutes after a meal, the saliva can help to wash away the bacteria that could cause cavities? The gum gets the saliva flowing, which helps wash away cavity-causing bacteria.

Tooth-Happy and Healthy Treats for Spring Break.

Tooth-Happy and Healthy Treats for Spring Break.

(“Ew!” say some of our youngest patients, “We are washing away Sugar Bugs with spit!” And we say, “That’s a good thing!”)

However, this sugarless gum message is wrapped in a special reminder:  Sugarless gum is not a substitute for brushing and flossing.  And we remind both our young patients and their parents:  Nothing is.

As always, Dentistry for Children and Dr. Troy King thank you for reading this blog, and we invite you to return to the blog next week when we bring you more news and information from the world of children’s dentistry.

Until then, we like to imitate Yoda and say, “May the Floss be with you!” By the way, we also invite you to check out our Dentistry for Children’s Facebook page and see the staff all dressed up for Disney Day!