Spring has sprung in Florida, and Oviedo is abloom with a heady fragrance of blossoms.  With Nature in full renewal, we at Dentistry for Children have felt a buoyancy in our step.  The energy and anticipation have brought contagious joy over the last week.  We have endless crayon masterpieces of all the Spring Icons:  Easter Bunnies, Gargantuan Eggs, Baby Animals and Pretty Flowers!

Spring Makes Us Bloom Anew

Take extra precautions during spring celebrations and all of the sweets.

Bunny Boy and Fun with His Spring Cabbage

It is absolutely the perfect time of year to be outside. The spring breeze even seems to reinvigorate us. Thus, we must become aware of protecting our children’s teeth as described in our previous blog, for spring sports.

In the warmth and sunshine of spring, even anxious children travel to their dental appointments with a more relaxed and happy attitude.

Spring Excitement Can be Dentally Distracting!

Between spring break and holiday schedules, we would be remiss if we did not mention how important it is for children to continue cleaning and flossing teeth regularly.

Here at Dentistry for Children, Spring has inspired us to renew our zest for life and to rejoice with gratitude for the natural beauty we love, and the beauty of the people who touch our lives.

Please Accept our Spring Greeting and Message of Appreciation!

We greet you, and we thank you.  For, in this spring of 2018, you, our clients and friends have made our hearts bloom with appreciation.

Working with you brings us untold joy.  Your success has been our success.  And we cherish the partnership given so freely to us by our young patients and their oral hygiene coaching-parents.

We appreciate you more than you know.  With our Gratitude comes an authentic renewal of our promises.

Renewal of Our Dental Home Commitments to Our Clients and Families

In view of this spirit of gratitude and these glorious spring days, we felt we should reconfirm our dental commitments.  Afterall, everything in spring is being renewed:  Flowers, trees, grasses, bird nests and human hearts.

Dr. King's Spring Pledge is to provide patients with World Class Dental Care.

Mother and her cute little daughters playing with Easter Bunny.

  1. We vow to continue speaking your child’s language.  Moreover, Dr. King and the staff promise to continue listening to what your child says. (Have you ever noticed we all strive to comprehend what children cannot say?)  It’s an art and everyone at Dentistry for children in Oviedo promises to sharpen it.
  2. We promise to individualize our style according to the relationship developed with every patient.  Now, there is a pre-supposition here:  the relationship.  We vow to build this bond We could have no better example among the staff than Dr. King.
  3. We have seen the world of style and fashion embrace the flower crown (or wreath) as a symbol of the new season.  Recently, we saw some of our little patients skipping around with fetching flowery wreathes nestled in their hair.  However, as a dental clinic personnel,  wearing such outward symbols of the season could impair our functionality.  But we are wearing the beauty, peace and magic of childhood in our hearts.  The Doctor and staff re-commit to giving both patients and families world-class dental care that is Comforting…Calming…and Compassionate—every season of the year.
  4. Even this blog is part of our commitment to keep our community informed of dental information and news of importance.  We vow to continue our mission here and out in the world beyond us.
    Sweets are a major temptation during spring celebrations.

    “I’m going to be a Dentist when I grow up. But Right Now, I have to Hunt Easter Eggs.

    We intend to bring you dental information that is clear and useful.  We have spent recent blogs presenting topics such as “Mouthguards Cast Wizardly Magic at Dentistry for Children in Oviedo,” “Untreated Caries and Four Terrible Trends” and “Parents Shocked By Fervent Baby Dental Health”  Our Blogs will continue to present information to help you protect your child’s teeth.

Again, we send you our appreciation.  You have caused our business to Bloom this spring.  And we invite you to feel free to call us concerning any dental issues you encounter.  So, in the spirit of the peace and joy of the re-birth of a new season, thank you for your loyalty.

We even have a little Spring Time Thank You Poem for You:

“The world’s a better place
Because of folk like you
Who take the time to do nice things
The way you always do.

Thank you so muchly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Wrap-up:  A Terrific Treat for Spring

Cute baby girl dressed as bunny, with chocolate bunny in hands

“I Love Chocolate Bunnies.”

Again, this is a blog of greeting and appreciation.  And as we contemplated our gratitude for you, we researched an unusual scientific statistic to enhance the light mood of this springtime blog.

But here is our favorite scientific Easter Bunny trivia:  It is a proven, irrefutable fact that 89% of all the Americans who eat a chocolate bunny will bite the ears off first.

We leave you with a final wish for your happiest spring holiday ever.  Happy Spring!  And again we thank you for your business, your friendship and your blog reading.