Teal Blue Pumpkin Time has arrived!  It’s time for our annual Teal Blue Pumpkin Blog!  Almost every year, we blog about this wonderful new Halloween tradition. The Halloween tradition, begun in 2014, comes with a clever color:  Teal Blue—on pumpkins!  If you see the teal blue pumpkins in your area, be proud. Read on to find out why.  Then paint some pumpkins beautiful teal blue and click to learn why Teal Blue Pumpkins represent an amazing, sugar-free way to celebrate Halloween.  So of course, Dentistry for Children supports it!

Alright, we won’t make you wait to look it up—just read our new Dentistry for Children Blog, below.

A Great Big Teal Blue Halloween Secret

The Teal Blue Pumpkin Saves Teeth and Avoids Dangerous Allergies.

Teal Blue Pumpkins Mean More Than Halloween Decor. It’s a New and Safer Halloween Tradition.

We will let you in on this blue Halloween secret right now. Do you know the secret meaning if a neighbor has decorated with teal blue pumpkins among orange ones or instead of orange ones? Chances are good they are participating in a special awareness campaign by Food Allergy Research and Education:  FARE.

The teal blue stands for more than Halloween Teal Blue Pumpkin Time, of course.  It represents children who have to cope with food allergies. It is also a symbol of the advocating and research groups dedicated to making it easier for children to live with the challenges of food allergies.

Lois A. Witkop, Chief Advancement Officer at FARE stated, “One in 13 children in the U.S. has at least one food allergy, and reports show that anaphylactic food reactions have climbed dramatically in recent years…” She added, “It’s clear that food allergies are a serious public health issue that we all must take seriously. The Teal Pumpkin Project provides an opportunity for all of us to show empathy for kids who often feel excluded.”

Teal Blue Pumpkin Time: Symbol of Making Halloween Fun for All — With or Without Candy

As you might guess, if you decorate with teal blue pumpkins for Halloween, you are supporting an alternative to traditional Halloween goodies. Children with food allergies and dietary restrictions also deserve a little treat at this special season. “The Teal Pumpkin Project promotes a positive and satisfying activity for families.”

You see, Dentistry for Children definitely agrees with FARE. Just because the treat is not sugar-soaked, sugar-dipped, sugar-coated, sugar drenched or sugar sprinkled does not mean it’s not a treat.  Families who join the Teal Blue Pumpkin project often give treats that are fun kid stuff but not even food.  Here’s a great list you might be seeing at Trick or Treat night 2019 in your town:

FARE provides this list of non-candy treats that can be handed out for Halloween:

Houses with a Teal Blue Pumpkin Showing Have Non-Sugar Treats.

You Can Make Kids Happy Without Giving Them Sugar Treats. Find Out the Secret of FARE.

Glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces
Pencils, pens, crayons, or markers
Halloween erasers or pencil toppers
Mini Slinky springs
Whistles, kazoos, or noisemakers
Bouncy balls
Finger puppets
Spider rings
Vampire fangs
Mini notepads
Tiny Toys

A Teal Blue Pumpkin Time Caution:

In addition to sugar or nut treats, FARE also warns that there are some non-candy treats for teal blue pumpkin families to avoid. For example, some types of modeling clay contain wheat.  Likewise, parents should avoid handing out items with latex because some kids have latex allergies. In addition, you will find many more tips on enjoying a teal blue Halloween at FARE’s website.

Of course, we love the new teal blue pumpkin tradition at Dentistry for Children, because it distracts kids from decay-causing sugar and candy.

FARE’s goal in 2017 is to have at least “one home on every block in the U.S. with a teal pumpkin.”  Here at Dentistry for Children, we enthusiastically support the cause and all the Halloween positivity behind it.  Happy Blue Halloween is coming to you soon, and it’s sugar free. And last year over 20,000 homes joined the FARE project with their teal blue pumpkin time décor and treats.

Know These Teal Blue Pumpkin Facts

Dentistry for Children wants you to know there are more and more children who are diagnosed with food allergies every year.

  • Did you know that the percentage of children up to age 17 who reported a food or digestive allergy in the last year increased from 4% in 2007 to 6.5% in 2018?
  • In addition to that fact, we want you to know that among children under 5 years old, that percentage went up from 4.7% to 5.8%
  • Likewise, for kids between 5 and 17, it rose from 3.7% to 6.7%.

Children’s allergic reactions can range anywhere from a light case of hives to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Reactions are no fun at any time, but especially miserable at a holiday time.

Dr. Troy King’s Annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back Coming Soon

Candy Treats? Avoid the Sugar Bugs. Brush and Floss.

If Candy Treats are a Must, Be Sure to Avoid the Sugar Bugs. Brush and Floss.

In addition to our endorsement of Teal Blue Pumpkin time, we have another annual Halloween Festivity to announce.  Watch for details of the candy buy-back right here at Dentistry for Children.  That’s right, the dentist will buy back a certain amount of Halloween candy collected by your children.  Your children can save money or buy something special with it, a reward for their collection.

It’s all in fun, and we will soon announce how, how much, when and where you can participate in this annual Halloween Buy-Back.  Yes, here at Dentistry for children, Dr. Troy is so dedicated to eradicating tooth decay that he’d rather buy the goodies than see them infect little teeth.