The Decay Demon attacks on your teeth can last as long as 20 minutes after eating or drinking sugary drinks.  And they seem to be attacking more often.  Dentistry for Children dedicates this blog to the little “Angels” in our lives and the fight to defeat all their decay demons and monsters who would rustle pretty teeth and smiles.

Your town might not look like Toothstone. But we are all pioneers in fighting tooth decay.

Toothstone: The Scene of Many Battles for Healthy Smiles.

Introducing a Tooth Decay Story from the Old West and a Blog Especially for Kids!

We have invited a very special guest.  We take you to the Old West, to a dusty little town named Toothstone.   This is a little town where everyone values their shiny white teeth.  Our guest is a little shy about speaking in public.  But she is a determined and dedicated fighter of the Decay Demons, the gang of rustlers that steal the beautiful teeth of any town.  She is known in Toothstone Territory as “Angelina Kate.”

Decay hasn't got a chance when the white hats unite against the smile rustlers.

Let’s Protect Our Teeth Says Angelina Kate.

“Angelina Kate” is Armed and Dangerous to Tooth Demons

You may notice that Angelina Kate has 2 six-gun water-pistols strapped to her side.   And they are deadly to the Decay Demons.

It is said that she has destroyed more demons than anyone can count.  Now, These six-guns are loaded with Demon Killer.  (Look closely and you will see “Contains Fluoride” in bright gold letters on each big pistol.)  Angelina will tell you more about her Fluoride ammunition in a moment.  So, read on:

So, here is “Angelina Kate” to show you ways to defeat evil mouth monsters.

Fighting the Tooth Rustling Demons

Hello Buckaroos.  I’m Angelina Kate.  But you can just call me Angelina.  Now, I want all of you to know, my job is fighting these tooth rustling demons.  And are they dangerous?  This gang of ornery tooth rustlers shoots sugar and acid right at our teeth.

Decay Demons attempt to capture and rustle a helpless tooth.

A Big Gang of Rustlers Attacks a Helpless Tooth.

The Decay Demons Disguise Sugar and Acid in Favorite Candy and Snacks

Some of their main weapons are candy and sugary snacks.  It’s all about sugar and acids.  Those are really hard on teeth.  So you have to watch out for these things:

  • Candy:  When you swallow it, you think you’re done.  But the treacherous Gang of Decay Demons keeps attacking a tooth as long as 20 minutes after you think your candy is gone.  If you can’t brush, at least rinse your mouth after any sweet snack.

Summer Brings Thirst:  Watch Out, Partners, for Liquid Candy!

  • Soda pop:  Perhaps the strongest weapon in the Decay Demon’s arsenal is soda pop.  This stuff coats each helpless tooth in pure sugar and acid.  And, guess what?  After you drink it you still feel thirsty.  So, if you can’t brush, partner, Rinse your mouth with good old tap-water like I have right here in my guns.
  • Fruit Juices and Sports drinks:  This stuff is filled with acid and sugar.  Claiming to be healthy for teeth is their demonic disguise.  We hear some scientists back East discovered it can cause infection in teeth, and bore deep holes right into the heart of teeth.  Partner, we call those holes cavities and your dentist has to fill them.
Ride with Fluoride for Tooth Protection.

Whether You Ride The Open Range Or Not, Be Sure You Are Protected From The Tooth Rustling Gang.

So brush, after you drink your orange juice, partner, brush!  (Find out about fruit juices in a previous blog.  You should have them only in small quantities.)

Especially in the summer, these popular drinks can seem like a healthy choice, but have Mom read the label instead of the advertisement.

And I bet you know some of the things these tooth demons can do to your teeth.

And Trickery….Yeah, I said trickery.  That is their real weapon. Just evil trickery and temptation.

Summer Sugar Temptations When You’re Ridin’ the Range (or Surfboard)

You see, it’s summertime and those Demons know it.  You might not ride the range, but you get really thirsty.  Especially in the hot Florida sun on the beach, and in the park and in your own backyard.  You get really parched.  And so the Decay Demons trick you and tempt you.  They’ll do anything to get you to eat and drink those evil treats and drinks.

Yup, they are rustlers and they will steal your pretty teeth and wreck your great smile.  First, they’ll mark up your pretty teeth with yellow infection right on the enamel.  Then, believe it or not, they’ll shoot them full of black holes.  And what do we call those, Partners?  Yup, cavities.

In short, if you don’t really fight hard against these Decay Demons and their sugary drinks and snacks, they’ll do your teeth a world-a-hurt, as we say in the Old West.

Introducing Professor Goodtooth, A Different Kind of Decay Demon Fighter

Destroying the decay demons is the goal of all good tooth fighters.

Professor Goodtooth Explains How to Destroy the Decay Demons.

Angelina Kate:  “And now boys and girls, I brought along Professor Goodtooth.  He’s one of those high-faluting scientists that know everything about everything.  He’s going to explain how the Decay Demons work in your mouth.”

Professor Goodtooth:  “Hello Boys and Girls.  Let’s share more details on the harmful foods and drinks we put in our mouth.

Do you know how much a billion dollars is?  It’s a lot.  And experts published a report from Beverage Digest in 2009.  The report said we spent $73.9 billion on regular and diet carbonated soft drinks.”

Angelina:  “Did that include all the non-carbonated drinks?”

Professor:  “Oh no!  You mean beverages like juice drinks, teas, and energy snacks?  That adds up to $115 billion.

Angelina:  “Well, partner, can you tell us how those drinks hurt our teeth?”

Professor:  “In a word it is Sugar.  Your Decay demon rustlers  hide in it.  Too much sugar, especially soft sugar like the kind in soda pop, fruit juices, and sports drinks is really bad.  It combines with the bacteria in your mouth and makes acid.

The acid attacks your teeth.  And each acid attack will last approximately 20 minutes.  And then the attack will start over again with each sip of the drink.”

Angelina:  “How strong is this acid professor?”

Professor:  “Well, some of it is stronger than battery acid.  It’s terrible stuff.
You know, tooth enamel is strong and very hard.  But the acid removes the minerals that make it hard.
Then cavities start when the enamel is damaged.”

Remember, to avoid decay, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after a treat.

Brushing Your Teeth Chases the Decay Demons Away.

Angelina:  “And that’s where I come in!  I’ve got fluoridated water and fluoridated toothpaste for your ammunition against that low-down tooth-decaying, Decay Demons and their whole yellow-bellied gang.  Partners, I’ll say it again.  (She pulls a 6-gun of fluoride toothpaste out.)  If you can, brush after sweets or soda.  (Then she pulls out the big gun of fluoridated tap water.)  And if you can’t brush, at least rinse!”

The professor smiles and says:  “Go get’em, Kate!”

Dentistry for Children hopes you have enjoyed your short trip to Toothstone Territory in the old, golden West.  All fun aside, summer brings special danger from caries infection.  In addition to fighting decay with Fluoride, see your dentist regularly. (Yippy-ki-yi-yea!)