Dental emergencies will happen, even during a pandemic. They can arise in the midst of COVID-19, bad colds and the flu season.

Dental Emergencies:  Couch Cushions, COVID-19 and Zack’s Story

Dental Accidents Happen at the Least Expected Times.

Young Boys Love Rough-Housing…But, It Can Be Painful. In Case of Dental Accidents, Dr. King is Available to Help.

Let’s take a peek into the medium-sized living room of Madison’s apartment where her two boisterous boys, Zak, age 6 and Zeek age 8 have invented a fun quarantine game. They have found a new way to release the cooped up energy. And they needed it because they had endured hours of rain. The weather coupled with COVID-19 restrictions had pushed them to the edge of restraint.

And over the edge, they went.  “We’ll get in trouble. Probably,” whispered Zak. “But let’s do it,” squealed Zeek. With grand ingenuity, they made a trampoline of the living room floor.  Gleefully, Zak threw with all the seat cushions from the sectional style sofa onto the carpet. And Zeek relieved the loveseat of its’ over-stuffed pillows and cushions.  It’s safe to say that dental emergencies were the furthest things from the two boys’ minds.

On the Edge During Quarantine

Delighted with their creation, they jump, bounce, and flip amid happy shouts and giggles.  With her arms full of laundry, Madison and Zak’s sister entered the scene to check out the commotion. And Madison was just in time to hear the sickening noise and shriek as Zeek’s mouth impacted with the edge of the coffee table.

By Their Very Nature, Dental Emergencies Require Treatment Now.

Even In the Time of Coronavirus, Dental Emergencies Come First.

There was very little blood. However, an ugly hole gaped in place of one of Zeek’s perfect front teeth. Zak’s sister suddenly shrieked, “I found it!” He ran to Madison, who was still a little shell-shocked from stopping Zeek’s blood-curdling screams. Madison took the tooth from Zak’s tiny, trembling hand. She put the tooth in a covered cup of ice-cold milk.

Some Dental Emergencies have Very Happy Endings Because the Dentist Cares.

Then, even colder fear gripped her as she remembered the cancelation of dental cleaning appointments from the previous week.  It was a whole 30 seconds before she found her phone and realized that she could contact her dentist. Like Dr. Troy King, here in Oviedo, her dentist had given out his cellphone in case of emergencies. And this event certainly qualified.

Arrangements were made. Madison and the boys grabbed their “pirate” masks, and you will be happy to know they met their dentist within 20 minutes. The story has a happy ending with the careful reinstallation of Zeek’s beautiful tooth. And nobody caught COVID-19.

Dental Emergencies Defined and Refined

The coronavirus crisis has impacted every single aspect of our lives and even shaded our attitude about what constitutes an emergency. In our last blog, Dr. Troy King and his staff notified you that we would still be available for emergency dental difficulties.  If you are not sure whether you have an emergency or not, we suggest you err on the side of caution. Give the doctor a call. Believe it or not, some problems can be attended even over the phone.

Remember, If You Lose A Tooth, Bring It With You. Your Pediatric Dentist Can Often Save It.

Remember, If You Lose A Tooth, Bring It With You. Your Pediatric Dentist Can Often Save It.

However, here is an official list of questions about dental emergencies for your reference. If you answer yes to any of these questions, then there is a likely dental emergency. You should certainly make a phone call.

  • Does your child have Bleeding that you cannot stop?
  • Is there a Painful swelling in or around the mouth area?
  • Is your child in obvious pain in the area of teeth or jaw?
  • Likewise, do you detect gum infection upon observation and in combination with pain and swelling?

More Dental Emergencies to Attend

As in the case of Zack, a Broken or knocked out tooth is certainly a good reason to call your dentist, even if you are under quarantine. Other emergencies or problems that require treatment at this tender time even in older family members include:

  • “Denture adjustment for people receiving radiation or other treatment for cancer.”
  • “Snipping or adjusting wire of braces that hurts your cheek or gums.”
  • And of course, any Biopsy of abnormal tissue should be taken seriously, at this time or at any other.

Flu, Colds, and COVID-19 Share Symptoms:  A Healthy Mouth Can Prevent Future Dental Emergencies.

Not only dental emergencies but dental diseases do not sleep during a quarantine.  Now, we have already emphasized that even during a Pandemic or flu season, you must prioritize healthy mouth care.  Good oral hygiene habits are important even under the threat of virus attacks—and maybe especially at that time. Even during this outbreak, it’s vitally important to maintain good oral hygiene habits.

Parents: Your Child is Never to Young to Learn Good Dental Hygiene.

Parents: Your Child is Never too Young to Learn Good Dental Hygiene.

Sad to say, when folks don’t feel well, they often neglect both brushing and flossing. An ADA dentist, Gene Romo, feels the opposite of some who do not like to brush when ill.  “Brushing my teeth when I’m sick actually makes me feel better,” he says.  “My mouth feels clean, and in a way, I feel like my health is starting to improve.”

Dental Emergencies and Dental Care: Top Priority

Dentistry for Children takes this opportunity to encourage you to make taking care of your mouth a top priority during this strange time.  Dr. Romo stated, “…It’s important to take care of your dental health all year round, but especially when you’re sick.”

This fact brings us to the topic we will feature in our next blog.  We turn from looking at dental emergencies to looking at ways to keep your mouth a clean, lean, fine machine–even if you are suffering from a cold or flu.  But until then, remember, you have Dr. King’s phone number in case you suffer any dental emergencies from the couch cushions.