Easter Basket goodies are in the stores, on television and in your children’s dreams. Are your children expecting sugary “Greetings and Goodies” to devour by the pound?  A Side Gift of all of these “goodies” could be more cavities and decay than you would ever want to imagine.  In our previous blog, we gave parents some Easter candy advice. Yes, this is Easter Week and soon the Easter Bunny will be leaving baskets full of sugar and dental decay for all our children.

Easter Basket Dollars:  The Money Facts

Always Brush After Eating Your Easter Basket Chocolates.

To Eat Or Not To Eat One of a A Whole Easter Basket Full of Chocolate Eggs? OK, If You Must.  But Be Sure To Brush.

Did you know that Easter rivals Halloween for the biggest candy celebration of the year?  “According to the National Retail Federation’s annual Easter survey, Americans will spend $18.4 billion on Easter this year.  It’s hard to believe but that is “6 percent more than they did last year.  It’s an all-time high in the NRF’s 14-year history conducting the survey.”  Find these and more amazing Easter candy facts at this helpful statistics online resource.

Likewise, another fun candy fact is that this amount ($18.4 billion) of money totally surpasses predictions made by the NRF for Valentine’s Day.  It’s no wonder we brought you some news last week on this topic and tooth decay.

Oh, For The Good Old Days

Yes, it is true.  In days gone by– (quite a few days), we didn’t worry so much about candy treats and decay.  That’s because in those “good old days,” Easter Baskets usually had only real boiled eggs.  They were colored of course.

And older fellow tells this story of those times.  This story takes place in the late days of World War II.  And he was a youngster of 5 years old at the time.

“I recall my grandmother and mom boiled about 8 eggs and put them in a basket with greenery (grass).  I was thrilled.  But, after a short time playing with the eggs, I got bored.  My uncles who were about 10 years older than I, suggested that the hide and seek game.  That sounded like great fun.  So, while I waited, they proceeded to hide the eggs.

There are other fun things to put in an Easter Basket.

There are Other Goodies For Parents To Put In The Easter Basket. Look What We Found In Our Easter Basket.   He Must Have Eaten All The Candy.

You can imagine my surprise when I found only 6 of the 8 eggs.  And then I found the other two.  Or rather, I found only their empty eggshells.  What a cruel fate!  Who had eaten my eggs?  I was outraged.  As you might have guessed my uncles had eaten the eggs. Then cruelly and deliberately left the shells for me to find.  According to reports, I screamed bloody murder.  However, after a short time, I asked them to hide them again.  Was that stupid or not?”

The teller of this story has grandchildren of his own, and never an Easter goes by without an egg “shell” hunt.  Now we realize, we cannot turn the clock back.  The trends have changed and children expect candy and special treats in their baskets.  So, we need new alternatives.

At Dentistry for Children, we want to extend your ability to protect your child’s teeth from the Easter Bunny’s delights . Therefore, we have some sweet but not sugary sweetened ideas for filling your child’s Easter Basket.  We think tiny treasures will take up some of the room usually packed with jellybeans and caramel filled eggs.

Easter Basket Treasures and Mementos

Therefore, some good options for children include:

  1. The Active Easter Basket: Children still love the classics—like yo-yo’s, sidewalk chalks, bubbles, marbles, and jump ropes.  Believe it or not, little rubber balls are even making a comeback.
  1. The Artsy Easter Basket:  Stickers, art markers, crayons, scotch tape, colored pencils, paints, stickers, and yarn, ribbons, twine.
  1. The Traveling Easter Basket: Puzzles, books, mini-figurines, Travel Bingo games, and mini-figurines.
  1. The Reader’s Easter Basket: Books, music gift-card, special books about Easter, pretty bookplates and glue if needed, pencils and a journal.

A Special Hint:  Like the boiled Easter eggs, all of these gimmicks are more fun with someone to share them.  So, be sure to plan some spare time to play with the kids.

And Now for our favorite:  The Tooth-lover’s  Easter Basket

Easter Baskets With Time For Love.

Playing With Your Child Can Mean More Than All The Super Sugary Treats. Family Time Is Kept In The Easter Basket, Tagged “Love.”

You must include Toothbrushes and floss in the tooth-lovers’ Easter basket. Here’s the tricky part:  It must match your child’s current animation favorites, like a Disney or Marvel character.  Include flavored toothpaste, and floss or floss picks. Download some print-outs of “Mouth Monsters” or  “The Little Teeth League” super heroes. 

Oral B Disney Magic Timer App

To accompany the above Anti-cavity inspired basket, we suggest The Oral B Disney Magic Timer App.  It makes brushing fun for children.

Now, the app is free, but you can only make it work if you use Oral B Pro-health-staging products.  They are the ones with Disney characters on them.  And they’d be a great addition to any Easter Basket.

Watch the video in which animated scrubbing bubbles correspond to the timer.  The video reveals a little bit of a fun Disney or Star Wars illustration when your child brushes, and the timer runs down.

The “Sweet” Surprise

Find more wonderful ideas for tiny non-sugar treats, check out this fun link.


The Easter Basket Should be A Blessing, Not a hindrance.

From Our Family To Yours

Dentistry for Children wishes You

Happy Easter and a Joyous Spring!