Fathers Day 2019:  This day of Celebration and Dentistry might seem like far apart topics.  However, each year, our family of dentistry professionals sends you happy greetings on this upcoming Dad’s Day celebration.  Thus, you will note we dedicate this blog to Dads in Orlando and all over the USA in honor of Fathers Day 2019!

Fathers Day 2019 and Good Wishes

The Main Attraction of Fathers Day 2019 is Spectacular Dad!

Super Dad is Our Hero!

We hope you remember to reserve time this weekend (Sunday) to honor your dad.  But, also take a moment to remember any mentors, supporters and father figures in your life.  We always like to make a point of this so no one will feel left out.

  • Fathers are not necessarily biological.
  • Grandfathers, Uncles, big brothers, friends and even dentists, can exert fatherly influences, warmth and guidance in our lives.

A Fathers Day 2019 Accolade

At Dentistry for Children, we acknowledge all of you who perform loving fatherly duties.  We know your families will create happy memories of your special day.   “Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad.” (Author Unknown)

Fathers Day 2019 and Gifts of the Heart

Every year we research the best gifts for Dads.  We do not see much shift in the gifts fathers prefer from families this year over last.  However, we do know there are some new shoppers out there who need this list.

We are hereby pleased to present our version of the Top Seven Father’s Day 2019 gifts.  These are the special gifts desired by fathers.  We made this list by interviewing fathers very informally at the office of Dentistry for Children:

  • 7th. Electronic Gadgets,—(for home or vehicle)
  • 6th. Sports clothing or memorabilia,—(Do you know his favorite team?)
  • 5th. Tools– for Home or vehicle—(We include paraphernalia for hobbies here, as well as work tools!)
  • 4th. A Favorite Dinner Out or A Favorite Home-Cooked Meal, (Note the equal ranking here!)
  • 3th. A Well-Chosen, obviously appropriate Store-bought Card,
  • 2nd. Hand-made Card,
  • 1st.  Time Spent as a Family!

Now you are bound to notice that we ranked these from least favored to most favored by fathers.  Understand this is just based on our casual calculations.

Notice also, to the shock and chagrin of many, there are no neckties on the list at all.  Nada.

In the number one position, we see a surprising Father’s Day gift.  You cannot wrap it or go to the store and buy it.  It is customized.  And the investment hours in it are priceless.

Top Three Dental Tips for Dads

This Year, We are Giving an Award: Best Dad on Fathers Day 2019

Dad: Please Protect Your Baby’s Teeth.

We tailored the Three of our favorite dental tips to be extra father-friendly, in honor of your day.  If you are a father who is already following the three top tips below, then we say “Bravo, Dad!”

Dad’s Day Dental Tip Number 1:

Go to your child’s dental appointment.  We are always delighted to welcome fathers who bring their children to their dental appointments.  Children value the support and input you can bring to oral health habits.

Dad’s Day Dental Tip Number 2:

Our second Dad’s Day dental tip is closely related to this one.  You can be the inspiration behind your child’s lifetime of oral health.  For example, fathers can brush and floss with their children in their early years, to reinforce good technique.

We do not want to impose on fathers.  For this reason, we subtly suggest you do this on Saturday mornings or on school-nights twice a week at bedtime.

We know that often these responsibilities fall on mom, or just on the child.  However, we feel it isn’t enough to merely say, “Go brush your teeth.”  Children learn best by example.  Please be certain your child is not brushing incorrectly, or for too short a time.

Dad’s Day Dental Tip Number 3:

Dad is known to be good at fixing all manner of household problems.  Likewise, did you know there is an area of home repair that relates to teeth?  Dentists need your help in child-proofing your home!

The Number 1 Gift For Fathers Day 2019 is Family Time.

Family Times are the Best Times.

Did you know that statistics prove that more than half of the children who endure dental injuries to their precious primary teeth, get hurt on home fixtures and furnishings?  Get excited, fathers, we have some fun for you:  Let’s look at a few ideas below:

1.       Secure that big screen television.

2.       Create storage solutions that do not involve putting heavy objects on shelves where they can fall on a child.

3.       With padding, molding or judicious shopping, repair, re-shape or replace furniture with sharp edges and angles.  Fathers, please make our Day, our “Father’s Day,” by fixing these dangers to little teeth, baby gums and tender lips.

4.       We know you are aware of the many products out there that help with this Dental Tip.  Baby Bumpers, Door Guardians, and banister protectors need careful installation to work properly.

We know of one Dad who made a little ceremony out of removing all these protective devices when his youngest child graduated high-school!  However, generally speaking, these protective measures are not needed beyond age 7!  So, Happy Fathers Day 2019 from our family at Dentistry for Children, to yours.