Fathers Day 2020 is upon us. As is usual at this time of year, all week our young patients have been sharing their plans for the best Dad’s Day ever.  Thus, we interrupt our blog series on Pulpectomy. We need to take this time to pause and remember the men who have had an extraordinary influence in our lives.  We celebrate Father’s Day for men who have granted us kindness and generosity.

Sunday, we know our young patients will give cards and gifts to all the father figures in their lives. They will honor not only their natural fathers, but also, special uncles, brothers, teachers and friends.

And we thank our precious pediatric patients who bond with Dr. King. You see, pediatric dentists can extend a paternal kindness to many children. Thus, we honor father figures as well as biological fathers with this special blog.

A Fathers Day 2020 Accolade

When She Understands That Clean Teeth Are Important to Dad, Oral Hygiene Will Become Important to Her Also.

At Dentistry for Children, we acknowledge all of you who perform loving fatherly duties. We know your families will create happy memories of your special day.  “Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.” (Author Unknown) You see, in previous years, we always saw mothers, grandmothers or nannies who brought children to see the dentist.  However, in recent years we have begun to see more and more fathers getting involved with their child’s dental care.  And we think that’s pretty wonderful.

The Story of Father’s Day 2020  and Our Inspiration at Dentistry for Children

2020 has been especially hard on fathers. With work paused and schools closed. Surprisingly, they have met challenges beyond other years.  Therefore, before discussing our usual topics on dentistry, let’s honor all Dads with the story of Father’s Day. At Dentistry for Children, we enjoy tracing the historical perspective behind various holidays.  We discovered Father’s Day dates back to the early 1900’s.

The Fathers Day 2020 Blast from the Past

Families and friends first created a formal honoring of fathers on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA.  The cultural movement to Father’s Day began when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd officially created the day, indirectly.  She heard about Mother’s Day in 1909 and she told her pastor that she “thought fathers should have a similar holiday.”

You see, she knew about fathers and families. Sonora Smart Dodd’s father was a man ahead of his time.  He knew about the art of fatherhood.

As the story goes, after the untimely death of Sonora’s mother, Sonora’s father raised six children as a single parent. He did this at a time when such behavior was almost unheard of. It occurred long before it was cool to be Mr. Mom.

Dawn of a New Day for Dads

Even During Teething, Father is Caring and Understanding.

Research proves that local clergymen approved of Sonora Smart Dodd’s idea for a day that celebrated Fatherhood.  And the Sonora Smart Dodd’s pastor gave the first Father’s Day sermon was on June 19, 1910.

Believe it or not, “Initially there was a lot of hesitation amongst the people. Some even ridiculed the idea. But Sonora’s determination for establishing Father’s Day in the US was not shaken. Her campaign bore success as people by and large accepted the need to recognize the important role played by a father in raising a child. Soon the day came to be celebrated in several cities across US.”

Although the day of honor became a grand occasion in many cities and states,  decades passed before it became an official national holiday. Unbelievably, the holiday did not gain official status, until 1972. Then, President Richard Nixon endorsed it as a national holiday.

Fathers Day 2020 Full of Prizes:  We Spare No Expense

Let’s take a look at a bit of economic trivia in relation to Father’s Day. In fact, experts estimate that consumers will spend $12 billion on our Father’s Day heroes.  And even though we spend $23 billion on Mother’s Day, we are sure our fathers and father figures do not get jealous.  But notably, the ingredient that makes any Dad’s Day gift or meal special is the love of the family that plans it.

Our Top Three Dental Tips for Dads on Fathers Day 2020

Now that we have shared the story of this great holiday and given you some financially fun trivia, let’s look at our traditional top three dental tips.  If they seem a little familiar, it’s because we have previously shared them in honor of Father’s Day. However, we like to brush them off and renew them for each Father’s Day.  They have never been more important.

If you are a father who is already following the three top tips below, then we say “Bravo, Dad!” So let’s review them here and apply them all year long.

Dad’s Day Dental Tip Number 1:  Being There

The Importance of a Father’s Day Gift is the Love That Comes From Within.

Go to your child’s dental appointment.  We are always delighted to welcome fathers who bring their children to their dental appointments.  Children value the support and input you can bring to oral health habits. When a father puts his strength and value on oral hygiene, a sort of magic happens.  Paying attention to teeth becomes more important to the child.  And the good habits will last a lifetime, saving your child future pain and expense.

Dad’s Day Dental Tip Number 2:  Wonderful Week-end Duties

Our second Dad’s Day Dental Tip is closely related to this one. You can be the inspiration behind your child’s life-time of oral health. For example, fathers can brush and floss with their children in their early years to reinforce good technique.

We do not want to impose on fathers. So, we subtly suggest you do this on Saturday mornings or on school-nights twice a week at bed times.

We know that often these responsibilities fall on mom, or just on the child.  However, we feel it isn’t enough to merely say, “Go brush your teeth.”  Children learn best by example. Only you can be certain your child is not brushing incorrectly, or for too short a time.

Dad’s Day Dental Tip Number 3:  How Household Problems Affect Dentistry

Fathers Day 2020: Working and Playing Together!

Dad and Big Brother: Making Home Safe for Little Sister.

This one will surprise you:  Daddies are known to be good at fixing of all manner of household problems. However, did you know there is an area of home repair that relates to your children’s teeth?  Dentists need your help in child-proofing your home!

Did you know that statistics prove that more than half of the children who endure dental injuries to their precious primary teeth, get hurt on home fixtures and furnishings?  Get excited, fathers, we have some fun for you:

  • Secure that big screen television.
  • Create storage solutions that do not involve putting heavy objects on shelves where they can fall on a child.
  • With padding, molding or judicious shopping, you can repair, re-shape or replace furniture with sharp edges and angles. Fathers, please make our Day…Our “Father’s Day,” by fixing these dangers to little teeth, baby gums and tender lips.

We know you are aware of the many products out there that help with this Dental Tip. Baby Bumpers, Door Guardians and banister protectors need careful installation to work properly.

A Unique Ceremony

We know of one Dad who made a little ceremony out of removing all the above protective devices when his youngest child graduated high-school!  However, generally speaking, these protective measures are not needed beyond age 7!  So, Happy Father’s Day from our family at Dentistry for Children, to yours.

Celebrating Fathers Day 2020: Teaching Us to Survive the Fortunes of the Future.

With Strong Father Figures to Light Our Way, We Won’t Get Lost in the Clouds Ahead.

We close this Father’s Day edition of our Dentistry for Children’s  blog with a favorite saying written by an unknown author. In captures a beautiful sentiment for fathers everywhere.

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back,

nor a sail to take us there,

but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” – Unknown

We of Dentistry for Children hope you enjoyed our tribute to Dads special day, and we hope Dad takes our Dental Tips to heart.  We wish you and your family a “Happy Father’s Day that lasts for the entire week—at least.”