Are you familiar with the Mystery of Father’s Day?  Well, it’s no Mystery that Father’s Day is almost upon us.  And our young patients have been sharing their plans for the best Dad’s Day ever.  It’s a time when we pause to remember the men who have had an extraordinary influence in our lives. But what is the Mystery? Read on…

Our Mystery:  What Does It Take to Become Eligible for Father’s Day Kinship?

One Mystery of Father's Day is How Many Cards to Make

Dad’s Day Means Home-Made Cards

We celebrate Father’s Day for men who have granted us kindness and generosity.  Sunday our young patients will give cards and gifts to generous uncles, brothers, teachers or friends.  Can a pediatric dentist receive Father’s Day honors? How and why we say “Yes!” is the solution to our mystery. (However, we note that in our humble opinion, every pediatric dentist should be eligible for Father’s Day love, if he extends a paternal kindness to his young patients.)

Our Mystery Father’s Day Joy Recipient–Dr. Jim Nickman:  A Father’s Day Story about a Pediatric Dentist

So it seems appropriate to feature such a dentist in honor of Father’s Day in our blog story this week.  However, the story is not directly about Father’s Day.  Instead, It is about a fatherly president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, Dr. Jim Nickman.  Recently the 2017-2018 AAPD President Jim Nickman of Lino Lakes Minnesota demonstrated the fatherly attributes of generosity and kindness.

“He and his wife Jean, have established a new grant award for the Academy’s Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Foundation…  We at Dentistry for Children applaud him and the AAPD for the fatherly generosity of this gift.  It is work like Dr. Nickman’s  and the charity, “Healthy Smiles” by American Academy  of Pediatric Dentistry, “which helps put pediatric dentists one big step closer to providing dental homes for one million unserved children by 2022.”

A Father’s Day Commitment to Dental Homes

Like thousands of pediatric dentists who are members of the AAPD, Dr. Jim Nickman champions the cause of the dental home concept.  Dr. Nickman’s Access to Care Grant provides a special award to a dental practice in whatever state is hosting the Annual AAPD Session.  You can imagine that every year there are–and always will be– many competitors for the $20,000.00 award.

We congratulate Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services

Hawaiian Children Smile Because of Dentistry from Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services, a prize-winning clinic.

Dr. Nickman stated, “It’s always difficult to decide who of the many qualified competitors is most deserving of a grant.”  In your mind’s eye, readers, imagine him handing the winning practice a giant cardboard check, as he revealed which competing Hawaiian dental program would win the award for its community.  And he added, “This year, it was Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services in Honolulu.

The fund will continue to expand access to dental services for children.  As 2018 continues, this small fortune will help establish work at more than seven elementary schools.

No Mystery Here:  How the Winning Practice Will Utilize the Award

Through the agency’s mobile dental unit, the children of the area will enjoy amazing dental help:

  • with preventive education,
  • with sealant and fluoride varnish treatments.
  • Likewise, both the local kids and dental students will benefit from the attendant expansion of dental resident training.

The Father’s Day Lessons of Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services

Winning a Grant from AAPD Means More Community Outreach.

Children Learn Oral Hygiene at Their Dental Home.

We of Dentistry For Children compliment The Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services for its community outreach efforts.

The agency constantly integrates dental care into comprehensive primary care services.  As we are fond of saying, they demonstrate the belief, “Healthy Children, Healthy Mouths.”

Let’s take a peek at the 24 square mile community Kokua Kalihi serves.

  • It is an important entry point for immigrant families, located on the island of Oahu.
  • Almost 40 percent are foreign-born.  And half speak a language other than English in the home.
  • The highest percentages of new immigrants and public housing residents in Hawaii make their homes in Kokua Kalihi.
  • Eighty-five percent of its residents are at or below the federal poverty level.

A Dental Father for Many Unserved Children:  Dr. Nickman and  the “Healthy Smiles” Charity of the AAPD

Dr. Nickman stated, “Each year, Healthy Smiles receives more than 200 applications from nonprofits around the country for just a dozen grants…”  He added that these non-profit groups turn to the AAPD for help in providing dental care for unserved kids…”

He continued, “Jean and I are proud to do our part once again so that the foundation can say yes even one more time from among the many qualified applicants we have to turn down…Every kid counts.”

The Terrific Take-Away for Father’s Day: Solving the Mystery of How To Help Unserved Children

It's No Mystery: Pediatric Dentists deserve Father's Day Respect!

She’s At Her Dental Home

When we look at the poverty level and the dental health difficulties in many of our nation’s communities, we cannot help but be proud to be a small part of “Healthy Smiles.”  This is the charity arm of the AAPD membership.

More than one-third of AAPD members contribute to the foundation every year.  Like all AAPD members, your dentist and staff at Dentistry for Children is committed to our mission.  That mission is “To advance optimal oral health for all children by delivering outstanding service that meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of our members, partners, and stakeholders.”

“Healthy Smiles” is the most extensive dentist-led charity serving children’s oral health in the United States.  We are proud they have announced that the Foundation has made over $4.5 million in access to care grants since 2010.  However, we know there is still much to be done to accomplish our plan to provide dental homes for one million unserved children by 2022.”

Mystery of a Missing Baby Tooth Solved and Fantastic Family Facts for Father’s Day 

Are you wondering if you can help?  Check out the charity in this safe and beautiful online resource.  And so, with this heart-warming story and a few fun-filled Father’s Day Facts below, we wish you and your family a wonderful Father’s Day Holiday.  And we solve our own mystery of how to bring you news from the American Association of Pediatric Dentist and relevant Happy Father’s Day wishes in the same blog!

Fantastic Father’s Day Facts for Families in the Know

1.   A Huge Father’s Day Statistic:  Did you know Father’s Day is the fifth most popular card-sending holiday?  Daddy’s Day will reap an estimated $100 million in card sales.  Now we are certain this does not include our little patient’s handmade cards!

2.   Happy Father’s Day in Many Countries: In Australia, Families celebrate the first Sunday of September as Father’s Day.  Finnish people fete fathers on the second Sunday of November, but in Thailand, Father’s Day falls on Dec. 5.

Mystery of Father's Day is that you do not have to be a father to be a dad.

Many Kids Include their Pediatric Dentist in Father’s Day Greetings.

3.   MSN reports, “If you thought Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day was the most connected day of the year, you’re wrong. Father’s Day is the busiest day of the year for collect phone calls.”

4.   Rumor has it that one of our young patients has made a Father’s Day card featuring a particularly difficult baby tooth. And she has scotch-taped it to the cardboard and covered it in golden glitter.  We think he’ll like it better than a new tie. But ties continue to be the number one Father’s Day gift.

By the way, save some time to shop for your mystery men.  Decide how to honor the men in your world on this coming Father’s Day.