The First Dental Visit is a big occasion at Dentistry for Children.  And we take the timing of that visit very seriously. It might surprise you to know we hope you bring your child to meet Dr. Troy King and his staff no later than his or her first Birthday, or at least by his or her first tooth.  In 2020, we are recruiting all our young patient’s parents and caregivers to help us spread the news.  Visiting the dentist early has many advantages for your child’s health.  We see it as an opportunity to improve the oral health of your child.

  • Early assessment reduces your child’s risk of early dental disease.
    An Early Dental Visit Can Save Dollars in the Long Run.

    Your Baby’s First Tooth is the Signal For Your First Dental Visit.

  • Treatment of caries is essential.
  • Awareness of oral hygiene education can build good health habits into your child’s concept of a good, healthy life.
  • Also, first in our hearts is that your child regards the dentist’s office as a safe and secure place. (Sometimes we even have to teach this lesson to parents and grandparents.)
  • Believe it or not, early and regular dental appointments can actually help your budget.

Arthur J. Nowak, D.M.D., M.A., is professor emeritus of pediatric dentistry and pediatrics, University of Iowa Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry. She stated, “For parents who think postponing the first dental visit will help their budget, the opposite is more likely. Children who had their first appointment after age four had $1,054 of dental treatments, while children who had their first appointment before age four had $694 of dental treatments during eight years of follow-up.”

The First Dental Visit:  Preemptive Strike against Caries

Basic to understanding the value of the first dental visit is the fact that caries can restrict your child’s quality of life.  That first dental visit at age 1 can lead to health, social and economic benefits as listed above. Contrary to old-school thinking, cavities do not absolutely have to be a necessary part of childhood.

At your child’s first visit, not only will Dr. King and our staff assess your child’s risk of tooth decay (caries,) but note any growth issues.  At this time we can check on:

  • delayed eruption of teeth,
  • rare abnormalities of the mouth,
  • growth and development issues,
  • education about oral hygiene.

You see that first visit with Dr. King lays the groundwork for preventing caries. Once again we remind you that your baby does not have to deal with a childhood full of cavities. Caries is a preventable disease. And yet, delays in making that first dental visit have added up to a significant threat to health, as well as “welfare and future of the youngest members of our society.”

Tooth Truth:  Confessions of Parents

Many parents say they know the importance of oral health. However, we are surprised to see these research results. You see, 8 of 10 parents report they know better. But they still engage in behavior they know to be bad for their children’s teeth.

Parents’ Dental Report Card