Dentistry for Children wishes you smiles and good health for the New Year. It seems like only yesterday, or maybe last month, that we were writing a New Year’s Blog for 2019. Indeed, As we have watched our tiny patients grow healthy smiles, 2020 has crept up on us very quickly!

Wishes for Healthy Smiles

Healthy Smiles and Good Dental Hygiene Go Hand-in-Hand.

Let’s Get on Top of Our Dental Health So That We Have Healthy Smiles in the New Decade.

We’ve barely finished opening Christmas Presents and sharing a special Family Dinner. And already, it’s time to welcome in the New Year.

So now, we make our New Year’s wishes to you, our patients, friends, and families. We send New Year Wishes out to colleagues, to parents, and blog readers.

Now we cannot help but be filled with the memories and smiles we’ve seen over 2019.  We cannot forget the little girls and boys of 2019. We are so proud they learned the first lessons of oral health. We are proud that they realized the value of brushing their teeth versus x-rays of cavities.

We’ll also always remember the parents who learned about proper dental care, simultaneously with their children. This year the blogs reflected new techniques and technologies that will become the traditions of the future.

That’s a part of the New Year Holiday, remembering the good times, both at the dentist and in our family activities.  And we hope you cherish many such memories from 2019.

Smiles Full of Hope

Just as we did in 2019, Dr. Troy King and his staff wish you 3 important qualities for 2020: hope, courage, and optimism.

We want the year 2020 to become your hallway of smiles for beautiful doors opening on new opportunities for you and your families.

Healthy Smiles for Family Times

As we do every year, we say, “May you and your families realize your dreams–and smile.”

We hope you rediscover your strengths and smile. And we smile as we wish you joy in the simple pleasures of life.

A Dental Resolution for Healthy Smiles

Nourish Healthy Smiles with Healthy Diets and Good Dental Practices.

This New Year, Resolve to Decorate Your Face with Healthy Smiles.

If you are making New Year’s Resolutions, we hope you muster your willpower to accomplish the small goals of your resolutions. And we hope the willpower will last longer than New Year’s Day.  Stick to your dreams, resolutions, and goals every day–until you smile in triumph.

Making Healthy Smiles Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Dentistry for Children would be remiss if we did not hope for your list of resolutions to include improving and maintaining your healthy dental habits. Now we smile because we are sure you probably anticipated we’d make this simple wish for 2020.

Our Favorite New Year’s Resolution for Healthy Smiles

Yes, we confess we make the same genuine wish for your New Year’s Resolution every year.  On behalf of dentists everywhere, we wish you time in 2020 to:

1.  Brush your teeth twice a day–and smile!

2.  Floss once a day– and then smile!

3.  Visit your dentist at Dentistry for Children regularly—and get a healthy smile!

Healthy Smiles For Our New Year’s Wishes

We wish you all the blessings of time:

12 months of happiness,

52 weeks of enjoyment,

365 days of achievements,

8760 hours of good luck,

52600 minutes of good health and

Smiles Like These Begin Under Your Pediatric Dentist's Care. Happy New Year!

Smiles Like These Begin Under Your Pediatric Dentist’s Care. Happy New Year!

31536000 seconds of Healthy Smiles, strong, straight teeth and mighty gums!

Happy New Year!

And soon after the first few days of 2020, be sure you return to this blog to discover why some of our patients are getting bright purple teeth!  (Don’t worry! It’s temporary!)

Happy New Year! And Happy New Decade!