Holiday smiles 2021 are shining as brightly as the downtown Holiday lights.  And moreover, Holiday smiles are just what the doctor ordered here at Dentistry for Children.

As we approach the Holidays of Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza, we have noticed our young patients practically dancing on their tiptoes with holiday excitement. During these days of Holiday smiles 2021, it’s just a little difficult to keep children’s minds on such things as dental hygiene.

Counting Teeth and Blessings

Holiday Smiles In 2021 Brings Dental Health In 2022.

Your Dentist, Dr. Troy King, and Staff Send You Holiday Smiles For Christmas, Hannuka, and Kwanzaa.

However, we have noticed a great deal of holiday talk around our Oviedo, Florida office. It’s all about trikes, bikes, dolls, puppies, skateboards, and video games.

You and your little ones probably know we always begin dental exams with the little ones by counting teeth. To help us find our Holiday Smiles, 2021, we are counting more than teeth at this happy time. We are counting our blessings. Dentistry for Children started a holiday tradition of counting blessings as we count teeth, a few years ago.  And it’s quite fitting we mention it at Holiday time.

Little Patients:  Count Your Blessings and Your  Teeth for Holiday Smiles 2021

So we would like to stray from our usual dental topics and blog a little about how we can count blessings. Hopefully, these smile notes will bring you some holiday smiles as you read them.

First of all, we would be remiss if we did not mention that in talking about healthy holiday teeth, we must repeat year-round reminders. For example,

  • Brush Regularly. (2 times a day, for 2 minutes!)
  • Floss daily. (Clean between those happy teeth!)
  • Keep Your Check-Up with your pediatric dentist!

Likewise, we must remind you not to eat too many holiday sweets.

A Deep Dive into Counting Holiday Smiles, Teeth, and Blessings

Let’s go deep today, even deeper than the roots of teeth.  You see, we believe that if you know how to count your blessings, you can provoke holiday smiles.

We find that it is a little more difficult to count blessings than to count teeth. And we know that sometimes holiday smiles are not always the easiest things to find as we face the shadow of COVID-19, rising inflation, and tense world relationships.

Finding a Way to Count Your Blessings

Holiday Smiles: When You Smile, Others Smile back.

Dentist For Children: We Might Not Have Your “Two Front Teeth” Gift-Wrapped. But, We Have Lots of Holiday Smiles Ready For You.

Experts tell us the trick to counting our blessings is not just to count each blessing, but to count it intently and intentionally. About 2 years ago we blogged these 3 steps for finding Holiday Smiles by counting our blessings. We still find them so appropriate that we are re-listing them in this blog for Holiday Smiles 2021.

  1. Find Everyday Focus

Do everything with your full attention. (Focus all your senses on the task at hand. For example, did you ever try to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand? It might be harder than you think.)

  1. Enjoy Simple Pleasures.

Our little children can often teach us this skill. Every year they show us intense joy as they color those holiday illustrations of reindeer and snowmen. They simply enjoy every crayon, down to the last nib.)

  1. Make time for Other People.
    Last year this meant only Zoom time, phone time, or drive-by greeting time.  This year’s blessing is that we can enjoy more Holiday Smiles 2021, face to face, with friends and family.”

Counting our Blessings with Holiday Smiles 2021

This year when we say count your blessings, we don’t mean the time-honored vision of counting them until you fall asleep. We mean “Count Them, Wide Awake.”  There can be no better time than this holiday for our simple exercise of counting your blessings.

By the way, our dentist, Dr. Troy King says you can even count your blessings while you brush your teeth!

Holiday Smiles 2021 and Our Best Advice

No matter what holiday you are getting ready to celebrate, we believe you can start by quitting the pessimistic saying, “I’ll be happy when…’ Be happy now, even if it’s only about little things, like your child’s healthy new tooth!

The Happiness Decision and Brushing Teeth

Happiness is sometimes simply a choice, like brushing your healthy teeth.

You have a choice to find some happiness, and remember; tomorrow is given to no one. That’s not just a COVID-19 lesson.  It’s always been a fact of life.

Counting Our Blessings with Holiday Smiles 2021

If We Could Put Dental Health and Our Holiday Smiles in a Gift-Box, We Would Do It For Every Child.

We don’t remember where we first heard it, but we heard that a smile is a  Holiday gift that costs nothing:  Holiday Smiles 2021 are sure to bring holiday magic.  And there are other great advantages to this abstract gift:

  • You don’t have to wrap a smile to give it away.
  • Smiles are appropriate gifts for friends, relatives, family members, business acquaintances, and even the people you pass in the halls of the malls.
  • Your Holiday Smile is a customized gift from your unique heart, and your unique mouth.
  • And yet, this gift, this smile comes in one-size-fits-all.
  • And a new idea for gifts, just for 2021:  Holiday smiles grow bigger when they are immediately returned or re-gifted!

Here at Dentistry for Children, the Owners and Staff are Sending you Healthy Holiday Smiles and Greetings

We wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a Blessed Kwanza.  No matter which holiday of the season you honor, we send our smiles and Season’s Greetings in the hope of brightening your day.

What’s In Our Holiday Smiles?

We are not referring to the flat or frozen smile you use on-demand. Instead, please, for this holiday season, we implore you to give us an authentic smile.

You know the one.  Authentic smiles start in your heart, curve up your lips, and illuminate your eyes.

  • Just think of a blessing and you can find the smile begin.
  • Likewise, this smile can be provoked by something as simple as twinkling holiday lights, a random bit of memorable holiday music, or a happy child.

Scientific Facts of a Holiday Smile

Since we are healthcare givers here at your dental home, it seems we should investigate smiles factually and scientifically.

Sarah Stevenson recently reported on the science behind a smile in Psychology Today. Then, she revealed several physical reasons the smile makes a mystical connection and a magical gift.

  1. Our Holiday Smile is Contagious:  She said that Scientists and “spiritual teachers alike agree that the simple act can transform you and the world around you.” Wow. Did you know your smiles make you more attractive?
  2. Making a Smile Boosts your own Mood. This rings true even if it takes a little extra effort.  So think of a Happy Holiday memory, and grin a little as you read. Let’s see if it brightens your day.
  3. How a Smile Affects Your Brain According to the experts, “Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. So, the act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness.”

And Now, We Send Holiday Smiles from and for Your Dental Team at Your Dental Home

Dentists all over the country are using the holidays of Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza, to give very special thanks to their teams.  Certainly, Receptionists, Assistants, and Hygienists are getting very special holiday smiles and praise from their dentists and administrators.

In the words of Dr. Sheri Doniger, contributing writer to the prestigious online periodical,, “…we have many things to be grateful for and many people who have helped us in our journey to the end of this crazy year.” 

Thus, we send special Happy Holiday Smiles from the entire team here at Dentistry for Children

Guarantee Your Brightest Holiday Smiles With Careful Dental Hygiene Throughout the Holidays.

We send them to our patients’ parents and caregivers, and to our brave little patients. Likewise, we send Happy Holiday Smiles 2021 and Greetings to colleagues, associates, and vendors.

And Happy Holiday Smiles 2021 from our Dentistry for Children family to yours!