Kids Dentistry:  April is the national facial protection month as reported by the American Association of Pediatric DentistsAAPD.  We want to remind our families that mouth guard protection for children’s teeth is essential for children involved in childhood sports. Facial injury can easily occur when no protection is used.

Custom mouth guards and Kids Dentistry

Mouth Guards Can Save Major Tooth Breakage.

When should parents consider a custom mouth guard?

Mouth guards are very useful for children who are involved in sports, those who grind their teeth, and may also benefit kids with special needs. Each child should first be evaluated by a pediatric dentist. If a custom mouth guard is recommended, an impression is taken at the dental office. Once the device is ready, the child returns to the dental office for a fitting. So, there is a clear advantage in having a custom mouth guard versus one purchased from a store.  The custom mouthguard can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Those who may need custom mouthguards:

Above and beyond those children needing a mouth guard for sports, there are others who may suffer the effects of bruxism or grinding their teeth. The symptoms suffered by these kids can be debilitating They may experience symptoms such as severe jaw pains, or recurring headaches. These patients respond positively to wearing a custom mouth guard at night.  Overnight protection normally helps to control this problem.

Please contact Dr. Troy L. King to schedule a consultation  When we meet with you we will determine if your child is a good candidate for a custom mouthguard.

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