Labor Day 2020:  Happy Holiday. Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year. Dentistry for Children would be remiss if we did not send a special wish for a Happy Labor Day weekend. At the same time, we don’t want to forget cautions for our special kiddies and the hazards that holidays sometimes cause.

An Important Labor Day Holiday Alert

Labor Day 2020: A Time for Family and a Time to Honor American Workers.

Friends and Family Make Holidays Special. But, Remember Safe Distances and Masks When Necessary.

As healthcare professionals, one cautionary note on our list is for families to be aware of the danger still posed by the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Fauci just stated Friday, “We know from prior experience that when you get into holiday weekends, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, there’s a tendency of people to be careless somewhat with regard to the public health measures that we keep recommending over and over again.” It is difficult to remember to keep social distance, wear masks, and meticulously wash hands when you are with friends and family. Have fun at your Labor Day outings, but please maintain the rules.

Applause to Amerian Workers

We send our “Applause” to the 122.2 million American workers who comprise America’s current full-time workforce. We recognize that there are millions more who are part-time-workers. Additionally, we also honor hundreds of thousands who await the post-COVID-19 shut-down and re-opening of their industries to resume their specialized work.

We think all our American workers are worth more than one 3 day weekend celebration. Thus, Dentistry for Children proclaims the entire week a time to celebrate “you,” the worker in the USA.  American workers are the U.S.A.’s true treasure and best natural resource. So, we think it is appropriate to depart from our normal blogging and dedicate this Labor Day blog to American workers and their tremendous work ethic.

Sugar Bugs and Holiday Hazards

Dentistry for Children wishes to help you have a safe and happy holiday.  So, a part of our blog is dedicated to bringing you reminders of some of the pitfalls that you might encounter during the holidays. during the holiday and in weeks to come.  Sugar Plum-Tooth Fairies VS Count De-Kay

Tips To Protect Your Child From Dr. Dee-Kay and the Mouth Monsters

You may remember the Tooth Fairy and the Sugar Plum Fairies. Here are some of their tips to avoid “Mouth Monsters” during the holidays.

1.  Holidays often bring out the sweets and with them, “Sugar Bugs.”  So, when bedtime arrives, we have “Toothpaste treat time” to chase away the “Mouth Monsters.”

2.   The President of AAPD, Dr. Jade Miller said,  if you have a treat and cannot conveniently brush, then “Drink, rinse, swish and spit, then repeat.  Water will help to “dislodge any particles that can get stuck in the teeth.”

3.   “We remind parents that “Sweets can still be part of the fun on holidays as long as parents and caregivers help their children practice moderation and proper oral hygiene to keep their mouths healthy

4.  Keep your routine:  “Always brush teeth two times a day, for two minutes…” 

5.  Avoid sugary drinks. Instead, drink water with fluoride in it to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Many Traffic Accidents Involve Dental Injuries

Labor Day 2020: A Day to Shine, Especially Teeth.

Protect Those Smiling Pearly Teeth is Also Important During the Labor Day 2020 Holiday.

Accidents from playing games and sports can involve damage to the jaw (TMJ) or teeth.  If your child has injuries from an auto accident, be sure his dentist examines his teeth.

Even if the injury appears minor, have your child’s teeth examined as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are involved in an automobile wreck with substantial impact, serious complications can be avoided by an early examination.

If a tooth is knocked out, bring your child and the tooth to your dentist immediately.  The tooth has a better chance of re-implantation if treatment is begun quickly.

Don’t Forget the Knocked-out Teeth Rules

Here are a few guidelines in handling a knocked-out tooth:

  • Handle the tooth carefully. Try not to touch the root (the part of the tooth that was under the gum). It can be damaged easily.
  • If the tooth is dirty, hold it by the upper part (the crown) and rinse it with milk. If you don’t have any milk, rinse it with water.
  • Keep the tooth moist. Drop it into a glass of milk or a cup of water. If you can’t do this, place the tooth in your mouth between the cheek and gum.
  • Try slipping the tooth back into its socket. In many cases, it will slip right in. Make sure it’s facing the right way. Don’t try to force it into the socket. If it doesn’t go back into place easily and without pressure, then just keep it moist (in milk, saliva, or water) and get to the dentist as soon as you can.
  • If the tooth is intact (not broken in pieces), it is always a good idea to try to save it.

Now Back to Labor Day 2020 and “Having Too Much Fun”

How will you celebrate?  Our holiday spirit will be exhibited on camp-grounds, rivers, lakes, and even in our own back-yards.  “Traditional picnics, parties, and parades will help us close the 2020 summer season.

You may remember an old western song called, “Too Much Fun.” The singer questions “How can you have “Too Much Fun” and then proceeds to demonstrate the way to do it.   Believe me. It is possible. You can actually go back to work more exhausted than when you left.

However, we encourage you to relax and take some leisure time. It is ironic. It’s called Labor Day. But the point of it is to avoid work.  Yes, rest, relax, and rejuvenate on the last long weekend of the summer.

Special Labor Day 2020 Remembrances: History Behind the Holiday

Honoring Our American Workers: That’s What Labor Day is All About.

Did you ever wonder how Labor Day came to be? Remember this is not just a holiday to close the summer, it is also a holiday to honor the historically great American worker. Did you know that Labor Day began with a parade and then later came marches to protest over unfair labor practices?

“On September 5, 1882, New York’s Central Labor Union held a parade to celebrate union work and show support for all unions. More than 10,000 union workers took unpaid time off work to march from City Hall, past Union Square, and up to 42nd Street, Politico reports.”

Then, in 1894, nearly 4,000 factory employees of the Pullman railway company started a strike in response to reduced wages. “Boycotts, riots, and sabotage ensued.” 30 people were killed across the country and an estimated $80 million in damages was incurred.

Who made Labor Day an Official Holiday?

President Grover Cleveland is the official answer. However, it became a national holiday only after some difficulties.  In response to the 11894 riots, President Cleveland called in the Army to bust up the strikers. Six days later, on June 28, he “rushed legislation through Congress to declare Labor Day a national holiday as a conciliation.”

However, President Cleveland’s “intentions” behind this declaration may have been more involved.  Some historians credit his actions as a method of gaining additional votes in the presidential election.

Labor Day 2020 Statistics

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate with a few unusual statistics. So, we are bringing you some rather witty facts and figures concerning Labor Day holidays and the US work in general.

  • 1894 — Congress officially proclaimed the Labor Day holiday as a National Holiday.
  • 818 — The most unreal number in our research!  Do you know that this is the number of hot dogs eaten every second from Memorial Day to Labor Day?
  • $685 —An expense that occurs around this time of year, every year. This amount honors the average number of dollars spent on an average kid’s back-to-school expenses. (It might be more if your school is still online, and it’s time to invest in a new computer. )

The Final Take-Away for Labor Day 2020

Perhaps you need an excuse to relax and enjoy this 3 day weekend. If so, consider this statement from the science journal called The Lancet. They discovered, “People who work 40 hours or less every week also sleep better, pick fewer fights, and are generally more productive at work.”

Holiday Driving is Hazardous. So, Drive Carefully and Be Safe.

So, Dentistry for Children invites you to welcome the end of the summer with Labor Day 2020.  You might even want to have a hot dog. You see, the hot dog industry considers this the Hot Dog official celebration. Just relax, this weekend—We highly recommend it for the good of your health!

But, don’t forget to Brush and Floss…Hot Dogs Can Also Cause Decay!