Labor Day 2021 brings fun, excitement, barbeques, games, and perhaps a visit to Disney World.  It also means the end of Summer Time and the beginning of a new school year.

Yes.  The Labor Day Holiday is upon us.  And like most holidays, there is an almost frantic rush to enjoy and use every single second.  However, like healthy teeth, we should not take Labor Day for granted.  Today we honor our coming holiday and bring you some healthy teeth tips that won’t interfere at all with your Labor Day 2021 plans.

Vacation or Stay-cation?

Labor Day 2021: Time For Family and Friends.

Happy Labor Day! Dentistry For Children Honors the History of the U.S. Worker.

During this week, our young patients at Dentistry for Children have been chattering about the wonderful activities their families have been planning. We see that Labor Day 2021 brings picnics, boating, swimming, surfing, and of course “stay-cation” parties.  These are only a few of the fun and exciting activities families are planning. However, we know that almost all of these activities have risks and potential accidents.

Happy Labor Day Holiday and a Happy Accident-Free School Year

Dentistry for Children wishes to help you have a safe and happy holiday and a school year free of accidents.  So, this blog is dedicated to bringing you some history behind the holiday. Likewise, we are sending you some of the dental pitfalls to avoid during the holiday and in the weeks to come.

Following are a few of the dangers your child might encounter in the pursuit of Labor Day holiday fun.  Additionally, we have included advice on what to do in case of a dental accident.

1.  Labor Day 2021 Traffic Accidents:  Special Alert

Labor Day Travel is one of the most dangerous times of the year according to The National Safety Council.  As usual, there are many dire predictions. Thus we appeal to you to drive safely.

Of course, many accidents involve dental injuries.  If your child is injured in an accident, please call our emergency number at Dentistry for Children.
Some dental complaints may seem minor.

Remember, you might not be able to see some invisible conditions in your child’s teeth.   In any case, have your child’s teeth examined as soon as possible after any kind of big bump, bash, fender bender or automobile incident. Otherwise, serious complications could develop.

2.  Playground Accidents or Sports Injuries and Mind Your Mouthguard!

Labor Day 2021: Last Summer Celebration.

Happy Vacation or Staycation for Labor Day.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime.  A simple collision can loosen, chip, or even knock out a tooth. Common sense dictates you should see a  pediatric dentist as soon as possible after any type of accident.  As always, we caution you to encourage your child to wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports whether in school or a park.  Likewise, we remind you; we can often repair a permanent tooth that is knocked out. 

If a tooth is knocked out, bring your child and the tooth to your dentist immediately.  The tooth has a better chance of re-implantation if treatment is begun quickly.

Whether It’s a Football Accident or a Traffic Accident, Review the Knocked-out Tooth Rules:

Once again, we feel the need to announce these guidelines in handling a knocked-out tooth:

  • Firstly, handle the tooth carefully. Try not to touch the root.
  • If the tooth is dirty, rinse it with milk or water.
  • Most importantly, keep the tooth moist. Drop it into a glass of milk. If you can’t do this, place the tooth in your mouth, between the cheek and gum.
  • Alternatively, try slipping the tooth back into its socket. In many cases, it will slip right in. However, make sure it’s facing the right way. Don’t try to force it into the socket. If it doesn’t go back into place easily and without pressure, then just keep it moist (in milk, saliva, or water) and get to the dentist as soon as you can.
  • Finally, bring bring your child and the tooth to your dentist. It is always a good idea to try to save it. For more detail, refer to our full blog on this subject.

A Little Labor Day History

However, there is more to Labor Day 2021 than picnics, parks, parades, and barbecues.  In fact, it is a misunderstood holiday.

And it is amazing how few people really understand why we celebrate this holiday.

Labor Reform:  The Beginning

To begin, we turn back the clock to the time of the Industrial Revolution.  It seems the first American Labor Day was in New York City.  And it’s quite a story.

10,000 marching men in 1882 instigated the entire idea.  And they had plenty of labor problems to protest.  However, on the day of September 5, 1882, the laborers created a peaceful demonstration.  Why did they demonstrate?

People, of that era, men, women, and children, worked 10 plus hour days. This was part of the daily routine. Some worked even longer hours.

Our Labor Day Holiday Was Born from Labor Reform

Labor Day 2021 Honors The Workers.

A Glimpse Into History Reveals a Terrifying Child Labor Situation. Today, Children Play Instead of Working 10 Hours.

Imagine the working conditions of that time period with its unsafe working environment in every factory.  (No wonder fire was feared. No laws existed for sprinkler systems in those days.)

There are labor stories from this time in history that could melt the hardest hearts. For example, let’s look at the story that occurred on March 25, 1911.  This was the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory fire in New York City.

We remember it as one of the most infamous incidents in American industrial history.  There was no sprinkler system. Many of the doors were locked from the outside.  148 people died.  Sadly, the “deaths were largely preventable.” People began to take factory safety after that incident tragedy.

Life Before Labor Reform

The lives of workers during that time period before the birth of unions were nothing like ours.

  1. Child labor (Child-care was just no problem. This is because a 5-year-old could work right beside her mother in a sweatshop. Of course, both mother and child would have quotas.)
  2. Low pay was the standard. Labor was the company’s cheapest resource.
  3. 10-16 hour workdays exhausted families.  Family time was non-existent.

But on that day, in 1882, the first Labor Day Celebration occurred.  The protesting and speeches erupted in massive picnicking instead of violence.

Slow Growth of Labor Reform and a Change We Still Enjoy

That’s right, massive picnicking followed the massive picketing on that first NYC Labor Day.  (Now you know where the cook-out custom originated!)

This amazing incident happened on September 5, 1882. However, incredible as it seems, our society had to wait until 1916 for the 8-hour work-day to become law.

The Adamson Act

The Adamson Act in 1916 was the first legislation that mandated a 40-hour workweek. It also established additional pay for overtime. And there is more behind the story of the 8 hour day in the eyes of history. The story begins a year after the NYC peaceful demonstration and celebration of the first Labor Day.

1883 Economic Depression

It began when an 1883 economic depression caused a downturn in the purchase of rail cars for passenger trains.

“Railroad company owner George Pullman cut workers’ wages.  Then, he refused to lower their rents.  A nation-wide labor strike ensued…”

To squelch the rebellious behavior, President Grover Cleveland called in military muscle.”  And violence ensued. The unfortunate statistics from that clash included “30 deaths, 57 injured, and $80 million dollars in property damage.”

President Cleveland Makes Amends

So we can understand the reason that President Cleveland was eager to make Labor Day a federal holiday one year later.  Oh, yes, he rushed Congress into creating the official holiday.

However, it was not until 23 years later, with the Adamson Act, that we actually firmly and nationally established the 8-hour workday and 40-hour work-week.

Those are the statistics and the stories behind the Labor Day Holiday we are about to enjoy.

Celebrate and Brush Up Your History and Your Labor Day 2021 Dental Care

Take Care of Your Teeth, Even on Labor Day.

Yes, Labor Day 2021 promises to be great fun this year.  However, it’s not an excuse to avoid proper dental care.  There are no days off for Brushing and Flossing. Decay never takes a vacation or a staycation.