Memorial Day 2020 brings honor to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in military service.  We step outside of our usual topics related to the dental health and welfare of your children. In this blog Dentistry for Children simply reaches out to your family with smiles and wishes for a happy Memorial Day week-end.

Memorial Day 2020:  A Unique Time to Celebrate—with Restrictions

Share Time with Family and Friends…But Save Time to Reflect on the Real Meaning of Memorial Day.

We know this Memorial Day is more remarkably unique than ever. Obviously this is because many states have eased restrictions from coronavirus shut-downs and quarantines. People without restrictions will certainly be taking advantage of the Memorial Day tradition to celebrate out of doors with picnics and barbeques.

By the way, we do have a dental warning for you before we give you some tips about celebrating this holiday. Whether you picnic at a beach or barbeque in the backyard, watch out for dental accidents. Family gatherings, games running at the park or bounding down the beach can lead to falls, and chipped or broken teeth.  We at Dentistry for Children advise you to Read or review what to do in case of these Memorial Day dental emergencies in one of our previous blogs.

Following the Rules for Memorial Day 2020

We know this is a very special time to join families and friends for picnics and barbeques. —If you are not under quarantine. And of course, we continue to be mindful of social distancing, and masks if mandated. So it will quite a different type of Memorial Day.

At Dentistry for Children, we realize absence of parades and public ceremonies might leave children disappointed. It is up to us to explain our feelings of gratitude for the sacrifice of our brave soldiers who fell in wars and conflicts. We, as parents, will have to make up for the normal ceremonies and parades.

So, let’s take a look at this special day that signifies so much more than the beginning of summer. How can we celebrate our heroes?

Remembering Our Heroes:  More than a Three-Day-Holiday

We hope you will stop to realize this three-day-holiday means so much more than the initiation of the Summer Season. If we don’t teach our children the real meaning behind Memorial Day, who will?

This is the time when we pause our busy thoughts and lives, and give thanks for the Military Service people, who have given their lives for freedom in the United States of America. It’s a time for remembrance.

It’s a time for honor.

Memorial Day 2020: Celebrate Our Warriors.

Children Can Find Fun, Learning About Heroes. Be Sure to Teach Them About the Honor and Sacrifice of Our Fallen Warriors.

We realize that many areas have canceled parades and in-person Memorial Day tributes, parties and ceremonies in Central Florida. As we stated above we have to turn inward to our hearts, minds and spirits to demonstrate our love, gratitude to our honored military dead.

“Some towns and villages have looked to the internet to celebrate the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.” Moreover, we need to look no further than our laptop computers and phones to see tributes to our fallen heroes.

For example, we suggest you look at the amazing poppy flower monument. It is available right online.

Memorial Day and The Meaning Behind the Poppy Flower

First, let’s look at a little backstory about the bright red-orange poppy flower. We all are familiar with the paper poppies that “bloom” each year at this time. They are familiarly displayed, pinned to a collar or lapel. Wearing a poppy is a traditional way to show our honor and remembrance for the soldiers who died in our wars over the centuries. Our favorite Memorial Day arts and crafts for kids past time is making these bright flowers.

You might not know the name of first person to wear a poppy in honor of the military dead of America. Her name was Moina Belle Michael, and she was an American teacher. She lived from 1869 to 1944. It seems, she found her inspiration in Lt. Col. John McCrai’s 1915 poem, “In Flanders Fields.” It was the reason she vowed to always wear a red poppy in honor of the soldiers who died in World War I.

The Memorial Day Poppy Wall of Honor:  History Made Easy

The USAA Poppy Wall of Honor contains more than 645,000 artificial poppies. Each one symbolizes the sacrifice and loss of a solder in the line of duty since WWI.  One side of the wall consists of the flowing red traditional poppy flowers. Then, the other side contains a display of facts about each U.S. conflict.

The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars joined forces to create this memorial.  It went on display at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in 2018 and 2019. However, this year you can tour it right on your smartphone, online at this informative online resource.

You will not only see the poppy wall online, but on the other side of it, you’ll see the historical commentary about the heroics behind these conflicts:



The Korean War,

The Vietnam War,

Desert Shield/Dessert Storm,

The Global War on Terror, other conflicts, We Shall Keep the Faith.


Memorial Day 2020 is for Remembering the Fallen Heroes

In researching this blog we found that such online resources can fascinate children.  You would not believe it at first, but kids like learning about our country’s history, heroes and warriors.  Experts advise, “Teaching kids the true meaning of Memorial Day and what it means to our country’s history, our nation’s warriors, and their families is a really awesome learning opportunity not to be missed.”

Finding New Meaning in Memorial Day 2020:  Four Ways to Have Memorial Day Family Fun

It might surprise you how much fun it can be for the whole family.  Let’s incorporate a little Memorial Day Learning into the holiday schedule this year.  After all, we have 3 days.

1.        Create, learn about and fly the American Flag

Celebrate Memorial Day by Learning. Do You Know How to Fold an American Flag? It Can Be Mystifying and Fun to Learn.

“Help the kids make an American flag.”  Get creative with glue and construction paper. Likewise you could print them off from the computer or “simply have your kids each draw their best American flag on paper.”   If you own an American flag, you can teach older kids how to fly and fold the flag. Additionally, discover the meaning behind the American flag at this same amazing online resource.

2.       Eat the Traditional Foods:

Yes, it is the week-end to barbeque or grill.  And that brings us back to teeth.  Even if your family does not eat the healthiest of holiday picnics, make a patriotic parade out of marching into brush and floss after the feast.

3.       Watch a Patriotic Movie Together.

Of course this way to celebrate will depend on the age of the family members involved, but you will find many options.  Again, we have a dental caution for you.  We know popcorn is a popular movie snack, but those shells and kernels can stick into tender gums and even upset new molars. (Take Care!)

4.       Have a Family Sing Along!

Even if your family can not carry a tune, at least make an effort to play some of the traditionally American patriotic songs.  They are not all as difficult to sing as the National Anthem. You even might find yourself tapping your toe.

A Little Memorial Day 2020 History

Do you know how this traditional holiday began?  Originally, Memorial Day was established as a day to commemorate the lives those who died on both sides of the Civil War in the United States.

Experts have written, “By the time the Civil War ended in the spring of 1865, it had claimed so many soldiers’ lives — a devastating 620,000. That’s the most of any conflict in American history.” Therefore, it was necessary for “the establishment of the country’s first national cemeteries.”

An Ever-Expanding Holiday

Memorial Day Food and Fun: Be Sure to Save Time for Proper Brushing and Flossing. Fight Those Sugar Bugs!

The experts at added, “Within about a decade’s time, Americans across multiple locations had started to hold rituals each spring as a way to honor the lost soldiers, by decorating their graves.”  See more of the story by clicking onto this convenient source.

A Poppy Takeaway For Memorial Day

Since then, America has gained more and heroes from subsequent conflicts; it is fitting that we honor them and never forget their supreme sacrifice.

Thank You for reading our blog. We at Dentistry for Children wish you a Happy Memorial Day and remember to keep the sugar bugs at the proper distance.