Memorial Day 2021 brings us a huge holiday as we exchange the lockdowns and masks of our COVID-19 for picnics, parties, and barbeques.  From the roads and highways to the parks and backyards, America is preparing for all types of Memorial Day 2021 outdoor family fun. This year especially, it seems to be taking a long time to reach May 31, 2021.  However, we are soon arriving at this date.

Memorial Day 2021:  The First Glimpse of Summer Fun

Two Sides of Memorial Day: The Excitement of Summer and Honor For Our Fallen Soldiers.

Memorial Day has always inspired Americans because it is the first taste of summer escapes and fun.  It has become the first summer holiday and for many, a mini-vacation.

However, after the COVID-19 restrictions on travel and human interaction, we welcome this year’s Memorial Day with extra vigor and joy.

The Truth about Memorial Day

And all these celebrations are wonderful enterprises as we initiate this summer spirit of joy. But we must not neglect the true meaning of Memorial Day 2021.

Did you know the custom of setting aside Memorial Day to honor our nation’s military dead was initially created shortly after the Civil War?

The first purpose of Memorial Day was not to create an early summer celebration.  The government-endorsed this holiday to give people time to honor fallen members of America’s Armed Forces. Thus, the initial reason for the holiday was to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Memorial Day Question:  How Can We Honor Soldiers Who Have Given Their Lives to this Country?

Although there is no doubt we will all have fun on the holiday weekend.  Additionally, Dentistry for Children hopes you find a moment to pause your happy Memorial Day celebration, to recognize the value of our soldiers’ sacrifices.

Maybe we could take a moment to put a flower on a hero’s grave. And the hero doesn’t have to be a famous person. Your grandfather, uncle or cousin could the soldier you remember on this day.  Perhaps we can bow our heads as we remember all the people who gave up their lives to keep America free and safe. Read the real story of the truth behind Memorial Day at this informative source:   Caution! This site portrays the realities of wars and heroes. It might deeply touch your heart.

Our Memorial Day Message:  More than a Mini-Vacation

Dentistry for Children has decided that a one-day memorial is not enough!  We vow to stay mindful of the spirit of Memorial Day for the entire week, as we watch families drive the busy highways and byways of the United States of America.

Memorial Day Warnings:  Not Only Traffic Warnings, But Dental Alerts

Memorial Day 2021 Is A Special Day of Remembrance.

From Mountains to Beaches, Big Cities to Tiny Towns, Memorial Day Opens the Season of Summer.

For the last several years, special dental alerts have become a traditional topic for the Dentistry for Children Memorial Day Blog.  We know this weekend brings you many opportunities for outdoor fun. But we also want to caution you about the most common summer holiday dental accidents:

Scene One: The Instant Toothache

The Scene:  The Memorial Day Picnic–As your child sank her teeth into a big bite of potato salad, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in his molar.  Then, it was followed by a constant bruised aching—and a little whining.

You know it was not that piece of soft potato that caused this misery, right?  However, what can you do until you can return home and phone for a dental appointment after Monday’s holiday?

Experts advise:  Have your child “first, brush and floss gently. Then rinse with warm water. It’s possible that a food particle has gotten wedged somewhere and is causing discomfort.”

Then, using a little flashlight, examine your child’s mouth to see if there are any breaks or chips in the offending tooth.

Additionally, you can give your child an over-the-counter pain reliever but never apply heat. Have your child eat soft foods and “get to a dentist to have the tooth examined as soon as you can.”

Scene Two: The Athlete’s Broken Tooth – The Memorial Day Family Gathering at the Local Park

Celebrate The Outdoors For Memorial Day. Have Fun, Play Safe To Keep Those Healthy Smiles.

Your child catches the hard-thrown baseball in a wild game at the local park.  Unfortunately, he catches it with his mouth and breaks a tooth.

“If there’s any bleeding, gauze and a bit of light pressure should stop it within 10 minutes.”

You can also put dental wax over sharp areas of a tooth or a broken crown. Hint:  If you cannot find dental wax, use gauze or—in an emergency, try a moist teabag—without the tea in it!

Treat your child’s pain with over-the-counter pain medicine and call your pediatric dentist as soon as you can.

Scene Three:  The Knocked-Out Tooth – The Memorial Day Block Party on Your Street

Your child nails his new skateboard trick, but he knocks out a front tooth on his landing.

First, scatter friends and family and try to find the landing place of the missing tooth! When you locate it, attempt to pick it up by the crown, not the root.

Delicately rinse the tooth in cool water, and if it is a permanent tooth, try to put it back in its place.  Caution:  If it is a baby tooth, do not do this because it might interfere with the permanent tooth developing beneath the gum surface.

Special Note: So, if replacing the broken tooth is not an option, then, as we have stated in previous blogs, put it into a cup of milk or cool water. Then, you need to make a quick emergency trip to your pediatric dentist’s office.

Remember, if you preserve it in place in the mouth of your child within thirty minutes of the knock-out blow, you will have greatly increased the chances of saving the tooth.

Did you know you could put a special kit called Save-a-Tooth in your First Aid Kit?

Wishing You Healthy Smiles for Memorial Day!

Dentistry for Children hopes you do not have your Memorial Day outing ruined any of the above emergency dental problems. Just remember to warn the family to play safely.

At Dentistry for Children, Dr. Troy King and his staff commemorate Memorial Day with a fitting song from Lee Greenwood,

We wish you could hear how it was interpreted a few years ago by one of our young patients who sang it with his whole heart. He sang loud and long, although he had lost his baby front teeth:

“And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.”

Terrific Take-Aways for Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2021: Save A Moment To Honor The Sacrifices Of Our Heroes.

A Moment of Reflection. Memorial Day Brings Us Memories of Our Fallen Military Heroes.

This weekend will bring fun, family, and food, but underneath the festivities, we all now remember it is really time to remember the heroes who fought for freedom.

Memorial Day is a great day for families and friends to get together.  But it is also a day for giving our most reverent and respectful honor to our military fallen heroes.

In addition to our smiles and laughter, we celebrate our soldiers’ sacrifices with a quiet heart, a bowed head, and silent gratitude.

Dentistry for Children offers you special thanks for reading our blog, and we continue to hope you will visit it often for the latest trends, tips, and news about children’s dentistry.