Memorial Day Week-end is here!  We believe it is appropriate to add a “Happy Memorial Day Greeting” for the coming Great American Holiday,  May 29th.

This Monday we salute our military veterans who made the greatest sacrifice–their own lives– for the American Way of Life. Likewise, Memorial Day has become the official marker for the beginning of summer. Like us, we believe our  patients and their families have planned a schedule packed with cook-outs, picnics and outdoor activities planned to unite family and friends. However, we hope you take a moment to recognize the underlying meaning of Memorial Day and consequentially recognize the honor we owe to the military heroes who died for the American way of life.

Memorial Day Warnings:  Dental Dangers

We know this week-end brings you many opportunities for outdoor fun. We hope sports and outdoor activities will bring provide lots of celebratory activities, but we also want to caution you about the most common summer holiday dental accidents:

Memorial Day brings honors for military, fun for family, and sporty dangers for teeth.

Memorial Day Brings smiles and salutes for our soldiers.

Scene One:  The Instant Toothache – The Scene:  The Memorial Day Picnic–As your child sank her teeth into a big bite of potato salad, she  suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back tooth, followed by a constant bruised aching—and a little whining.

You know it was not that piece of soft potato that caused this misery, but what can you do until you can make the trip home to a dental appointment after Monday’s holiday? In the case of a sudden toothache, experts advise:  Have your child “brush and floss gently, then rinse with warm water. It’s possible that a food particle has gotten wedged somewhere and is causing discomfort.”

Then, using a little flashlight, take a good look in your child’s mouth to see if there are any breaks or chips in the offending tooth.

Likewise, give your child an over-the-counter pain reliever, but never apply heat.  Have your child eat soft foods and “get to a dentist to have the tooth examined as soon as you can.” 

Scene Two:  The Athlete’s Broken Tooth – The Memorial Day Family Gathering at the Local ParkYour child catches the hard-thrown football in a wild game with uncles and brothers at the local park.  Unfortunately, he catches it with his mouth and breaks a tooth!

Memorial Day means outdoor fun, but beware of dental dangers.

Don’t Allow Dental Dangers to destroy your Memorial Day Outings!

“If there’s any bleeding, gauze and a bit of light pressure should stop it within 10 minutes.”

You can also put dental wax over sharp areas of a tooth or a broken crown.  If not you cannot find dental wax, use gauze or—in emergency, try a moist teabag—perhaps without the tea in it!  Finally, just as in the previous case, treat your child’s pain with over-the-counter pain medicine and call your pediatric dentist as soon as you can return home from the holiday.

Scene Three:  The Knocked-Out Tooth – The Memorial Day Block Party on Your StreetYour child nails his new skateboard trick, but knocks out a front tooth on his landing.  First, scatter friends and family in an effort to find the landing-place of the missing tooth!  When you locate it, attempt to pick it up by the crown, not the root.  Delicately rinse the tooth in cool water, and if it is a permanent tooth, try to put it back in its place.

Caution:  If it is a baby tooth, do not do this because it might interfere with the permanent tooth developing beneath the gum surface.

So, if replacing the tooth is not an option, then, as we have stated in previous blogs, put it into a cup of milk or cool water.  In this instance a quick emergency dental care is needed.  Call your dentist’s emergency number, and make arrangements for the doctor to re-plant the tooth properly and splint it in place.

In fact, if you preserve it in place in the mouth of your child within thirty minutes of the knock-out blow, you will have greatly increased the chances of saving the tooth.  Did you know you could put a special kit called Save-a-Tooth in your First Aid Kit?

We hope you do not have your Memorial Day outing ruined with any of these emergency dental problems.  Just remember to warn the family to be aware of dental dangers, and to play safely.

Patriotic Smiles for Memorial Day!

At Dentistry For Children, Dr. Troy King and his staff want to dedicate more than Monday or even the week-end to honor our military veterans.  We hereby dedicate the entire week in the name of the heroes who have died in the service of our United States of America.  We are not ashamed to admit we are patriots.

Memorial Day means honor for our Military.

Memorial Day Message of thanks from Children of America!

In honor of the coming Memorial Day, we quote a great song of patriotism from Lee Greenwood, which is sort of our theme song here as we recognize this patriotic and home-style holiday.

We wish you could hear it as interpreted by one of our young patients who sang it with his whole heart although he had lost his baby front teeth:

“And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.”

This week-end will bring fun, family and food, but underneath the festivities, we all know it is really time to remember the heroes who fought for freedom.  You can check out the history behind this holiday, and other heroic facts at this informative online source.