Mother’s Day 2021 is only 3 weeks away, and our young patients are already painstakingly making wonderful cards and signs. And we are hearing stories of shopping adventures a from every age of child and mother.

And it is the perfect time of year.  Why? Because it brings Dentistry for children the opportunity to honor all our mothers!  You might think 3 weeks is too early to be shopping for our Moms. However, our experience and some new research have instigated our early Mother’s Day concerns.

Mom’s Day in the Shadow of the Pandemic

Mother's Day 2021: The Perfect Gift.

Dazzling Dental Care Begins at Your Pediatric Dentist’s Office…But, Last Forever…A Legacy of Good Health.

We recently watched as one of our patient’s moms waited for her 9-year-old to finish her check-up with Dr. King. (Sarah Morgan was being a big girl. And she politely expressed her desire for mom to remain in the waiting room instead of accompanying her into the treatment room.)

Meanwhile, Mom constantly twitched her mask and kept re-setting it on her ears. Nervously, she scratched her nose, rubbed her sinuses and repeatedly stroked and picked at her left upper cheek-bone.

Her eyes seldom looked at her open magazine, and constantly strayed to the doctor’s doorway.  You might think this was simply a case of mask discomfort. (And indeed, with no mask mandate, Florida is quickly becoming accustomed to not wearing them. Dentists’ offices are one of the few places where we still enforce masking against COVID -19.)

No, the mother’s behavior was more than mask discomfort. We thought we knew what was making her so twitchy. Then one other bit of action quickly confirmed our diagnosis.  She sneaked a sip from her water bottle under her mask but registered pain as she took the cold liquid into her mouth.

Holiday Mission for Mother’s Day 2021:  Get Moms to Attend to Their Dental Needs

Stop Dental Fear for Mother's Day 2021. This Is A Special Day To Urge Mom To Take Care of Her Teeth.

Mother’s Day 2021. It’s Time For Kids to Remind Moms to Take Care of Their Dental Needs too!

Ms. Morgan’s body language revealed important traits.

  • As you might guess, she had some sort of dental pain or issue.
  • However, she was also exhibiting anxiety about the dental office, even though she was 32 years old. And this was not her dentist.
  • You see many moms will take care of their children’s dental health but sacrifice their own healthcare appointments. Covid-19 lockdowns also caused a great deal of dental neglect among parents.

Mother’s Day 2021 Gifts of Time in the Dental Chair

“There are still myriad patients who have not returned to the dental chair since the COVID-19 pandemic incited lockdowns across the U.S. in March 2020. Although nearly 99% of dental practices have reopened as of February 2021, patient volume still remains lower than it was pre-pandemic….”

Did you know that, despite re-openings and vaccinations, only 80% of the country’s dental patients have checked their dental health since the beginning of the pandemic?

We knew she was anxious about the dental setting because of all her face-touching. You see, there have been recent studies on face-touches and mask-touches in dental waiting rooms.

Consequently, the studies revealed high levels of anxiety. What is worse is that this kind of behavior can aid the spread of viruses. Thus, studies not only revealed anxiety and cross-contaminating behaviors can spread the virus.

“The behavior of people in the waiting room of the dental clinic may be influenced by psychological and sociodemographic factors…” This was reported by the team, led by Dr. Maria Carrillo-Diaz from the orthodontic and pediatric dentistry department at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.  And they added these behaviors could contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

All About Our Mother’s Day 2021 Crusade

Mother's Day 2021: Give Mom the Gift of Healthy Teeth.

Some Mother’s Day Gifts Don’t Last. But Dental Health Lasts a Lifetime.

This research has made us very aware that we must all warn our mothers how important dental care can be to their overall health.

In wishing mothers an early Happy Mother’s Day, we of Dentistry for Children, hereby give you an important list… A gift of our caring—Because, Mom, what you do not know about dentistry can hurt you.

Hey, Kids:  Why it is Important to Take Your Mom to the Dentist!

1.   Did you know that doctors have linked peritonitis to severe cases of COVID-19?  Specific “studies have shown that periodontitis has been associated with a higher risk of intensive care unit (ICU) admission and COVID-19 patient deaths…”  They also linked it to “increased blood levels of biomarkers that are linked to worse disease outcomes.”

2.  “In addition to periodontitis, poor oral health leads to an increased risk of a number of other health conditions…”

3.  Dental problems that you put off, Mom, can grow to create much bigger risks like “oral cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.”

4.  Experts at Dr. Bicuspid warn us, “This increased risk stems from the oral-systemic link, in which oral bacteria contribute to disease in other parts of the body.”

Dentistry for Children—On a Mission!  Important Data for All Mothers… and Dads also.

Mother's Day 2021: Urging Mom to See the Dentist For Shiny and Healthy Teeth is the Perfect Gift.

Two Sweet Sisters Say, “Mom Took Care of Our Teeth. Now, It’s Time to Remind Mom to Make Her Own Dental Appointment in Time For Mom’s Special Day.

We are on alert here at Dentistry for Children because we are aware that patients, especially Moms, who have neglected oral care might not realize “they are putting themselves at risk for myriad other health conditions in the future.”

So, we are doing things backward. By that we mean, we are enlisting kids to educate parents about this important oral-systemic link issue.

For Mother’s Day, inspire your mom to read more information on oral-systemic health at this reliable online resource. Help your mom make a dental appointment just as she faithfully as she made one for you!   Join our Crusade and then, have a Happy Mother’s Day.

Dr. King Adds a Special Note to Children!

Would you believe we spend over $26 billion to show our mothers how much we care, every year on Mother’s Day?  This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of good advice about her dental appointment.  Her teeth are not expensive, they are priceless.