A mouth-guard is essential to any little athlete’s uniform!   Here at Dentistry For Children, we have spent April renewing public awareness of Facial Protection. Mouth-guards and Helmets are being praised by several national dental organizations. The national organizations have been celebrating the cause of Facial Protection, each and every April.

At Dentistry For Children, we believe every single month of the year is Facial Protection Month! We are always eager to shine a light on how you can protect your child from facial injury.

At the same time, we want you feel comfortable in  permiting him or her to participate in sports and physical activities. Mouth-guards are big safety news for little athletes!

Facial Protection:  Mouth-guards As Well As Helmets !

Shockingly, experts say that five million teeth are wrecked or knocked out per year.  These dental emergencies come at a

Mouth-guards are easy and essential to young athletes.

Mouth-guards are easy and essential to young athletes.

high cost:  500 million dollars on the public bill!

“Dentists and dental specialists agree that athletes in all sports should wear mouth guards, which are significantly more cost-effective than the price of repairing an injury.”

Here at Dentistry for Children, we craft and fit customized mouth-guards.  Of course they protect the teeth, but they also permit your child to speak and breathe properly when they are wearing them.

Facial Protection Should Be Custom-made

We know the Big Box Stores have attractively priced commercial mouth guards that might seem good enough to wear. However, we caution parents about this choice.  If the fit is uncomfortable, and when breathing or speaking is impaired by the mouthguard, a child does not wear his or her mouth-guard.

Some of the saddest words we hear when a Mom brings a child into the office for dental injury are, “Where was your mouth guard?”

Sadly, we know. Since the mouth-guard fit improperly, even pinched, the child left it in the car.  Likewise, your child might lose the offending mouth appliance in their locker or bury it n their gym bag.

Please Chew On These Mouth-guard Thoughts:

At Dentistry for Children, we can not promise your child will always wear their mouth-guard, but we do assure you they

A Mouthpiece protects teeth, lips and gums from contact sports.

A dentist-fit Mouth-guard protects teeth, lips and gums from contact sports.

will be well fitted in a protective and comfortable mouth-guard.

They will also be impressed with the value of the mouth-guard and the importance of protecting their teeth, gums and facial bones.

Given the cost of dental repair and restoration, ultimately a cheap Big Box Store mouth-guard is much more expensive than a dentist-made, carefully fitted, sport-appropriate, comfortable mouth-guard.

If your little athlete is in orthodontic treatment, their orthodontist should be consulted for the type of mouth guard that will protect them best.

Facial Protection Roll-Call

The April awareness campaign unifies many of the dental professional associations.  The impressive list of April for Facial Protection campaigners includes:

The Academy for Sports Dentistry (ASD),
the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD),
the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS),
the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the American Dental Association (ADA.)

United, our campaign is designed to inspire “parents, caregivers and coaches to help prevent sports-related injuries to the head and face by using safety equipment.”

Especially for Parents:  A Mouth-Guard Guide

Don’t Let Injury Sideline Your Child! The five dental organizations above have

Teeth, lips and gums are protected best with a dentist-fit custom mouth-guard.

Let’s Protect Teeth and Gums from Sports Injuries.

endorsed mouth these protection requirements for a good mouth-guard.

1.   It must be fitted.

2.   It must be made of light material that is strong but easy to clean.

3.   It must be the correct size so it covers the gums and teeth.

A Paraphrasing of Very Specific Details About Your Mouth-guard From the Academy For Sports Dentistry

Now, forgive us if this list gets a bit more technical, but proper mouth-guards are a cause dear to our hearts here in sunny Orlando area, and Dentistry for Children wants you to have some very particular details about them:

1.  How is a custom-mouth-guard appliance made?  “It should be fabricated on a stone model taken from an impression of the athlete.”

2.  It should be made with adequate thickness in all areas. “This provides for the reduction of impact forces. In particular, a minimum of 3mm thickness in the occlusal/labial area.”

3.  How it must fit:  A mouthguard should have a seated equilibrated occlusion that is balanced for even occlusal contact. This helps to provide for the ideal absorption of impact energy.

4.  The fit must be “retentive and not dislodged on impact.”  It must allow speech considerations equal to the demands of the playing status of the athlete.

5.  The mouth-guard must be created of a “material that meets FDA approval.”

Dental Resources For Sport-minded Parents and Children!

Whenever you need information about your chidlrens teeth, the trust-worthy sources and websites listed below bring you

Only your dentist can properly fit a custom mouth-guard.

Getting fitted for a proper professional mouth-guard is a good investment!

valuable information:

A. As your child develops more and more interest in sports, we recommend you check out the online resources of The Academy for Sports Dentistry. The association  was created in 1983 as a forum for dentists, doctors, athletic trainers, coaches, dental technicians and educators.

B. A favored resource at Dentistry for children, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry was Founded in 1947. 10,000 chldren’s dental specialists belong to this organization. The AAPD has multiple resources if you have questions about your child’s teeth.

C. We hope you never need the help of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons but they stand ready, and you can find more information at the Myoms.org online resource.

D. The American Association of Orthodontists is the world’s oldest and largest dental specialty organization. Research orthodontic questions with their site, cleverly named My Life, My Smile. 

E. Familiar from millions of toothpaste tubes, the ADA is our largest association of dental members, with 161,00 dentists on record. Check out their Mouthhealthy resource for information about teeth in general.

Mouth-Guard Mania!

As you can tell, at Dentistry for Children, we have a mania for perfect mouth-guards.  We have seen their value demonstrated many times when we have had to repair shattered teeth. Foot-ball? Boxing? Skateboarding? Dirt-bike Riding? Wrestling? Dentist-fitted custom  mouth-guards make all these activities a little safer!