Mouthguards create magic at Dentistry for Children.  This magic is spontaneously evoked as spring sports bloom among the fresh breezes and flowers of the of the new season.  In fact, we recently saw a group of students with slim straw brooms.  So it’s official.  Yes, Quidditch spring practices are happening on some school campuses.

Mouthguards can provide much needed protection.

A Mouthguard is Better than an Umbrella.

This reminded us of the Dentistry For Children blog article which first compared the world of magic to the protection of modern real-life mouth guards.

In case you don’t know about Quidditch or the Wizarding World, you should know that Quidditch is a sport that J.K. Rowlings’ popularized in the Harry Potter stories.  “It’s an amazing sport, played by all the young wizards.”

But it’s no more magical than the fabulous sports of our own springtime reality:  baseball, soccer games, track and field events, golf, field hockey, and more.

Mouthguards Bring Magic Protection to Every Sport

21st Century kids everywhere are springing onto the practice fields.  Their heads are full of lessons in physical prowess and teamwork and hearts full of enthusiasm.  And they have duffle bags full of equipment.  Dr. Troy King hopes every team sport’s pockets are full of customized mouth guards.  Dr. King, like many other dentists, are concerned about preventing dental and facial injuries.

For example, “Outfitting children with safety equipment is important, and one occasionally forgotten, but essential piece of safety equipment is a mouth guard,” said Dr. Scott Cashion, a pediatric dentist in Greensboro, N.C.  Since the campaigns launched by dentists in 2010, few parents would deny that mouthguards are important.

The factual data is indisputable.  “Since their development, the number of injuries has dramatically decreased, according to a study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.”

We invite you to read or review our blog on the Rowling world of wizards and magic.  However, for this update on mouth guards, let’s get more practical.  Let’s put Rowlings’ enchantment aside and take a hard look at some of the basic numbers behind oral-facial sports injuries.  These dental traumas have intensified our mission to provide mouthguards to our young patients at Dentistry for Children.

Mouthguards are custom individualized for you at Pediatric Dentistry.

Custom “Mouthguards Are Cool”
Broken Teeth Aren’t.

A 10-year study of 3,385 cranio-maxillo-facial injuries in an oral and maxillo-facial surgery department proved that children 7-11 years old are most susceptible to sports-related injury.  In fact, 21.8 percent of the oral injuries occurred to children in this age group.

The craniomaxillofacial department discovered that 31.8 percent of the injuries they repaired in children were from sports activities.  (It does make a parent pause at parental release signing time, doesn’t it?)

Sports that Need the Most Protection (Not Magic)

The highest incidence of sports-related dental injuries in children seven to 17 years of age belongs to Basketball.  Moreover, baseball had the highest incidence within the seven to 12-year-old age group.

In the 13 to 17 year age group, basketball was the most frequent sport dental injuries.  Find these statistics and more at this reliable online resource.

The Wizardry of Modern Mouthguards:  Technology and Technique from the Hands of Your Dentist

At Dentistry for Children in Oviedo, we equip children with customized mouthguards to better protect them from injury.  We fit the individual mouth contours, with careful use of fitting techniques, micro-measurements and individualized molds.  We also pay attention to fittings for the particular sport.

Likewise, if your child has orthodontics, then the shaping and fitting of the athletic mouthguard is even more meticulous because we must give those teeth special protection.

Yes, this time of year has us racing like bees and bunnies and birds.  We are hoping to create mouth guards for every type of sport such as baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics–and yes, even Quibbitch.  (It really isn’t funny to get hit in the mouth with a broom, even if it is supposed to be magic.  Dentists are very glad that in today’s reality, the brooms can be ridden, but they can not fly.)

Mouthguard don't have to be uncomfortable - See Dr. King at Pediatric Dentistry.

Do I Look Tough?


The Fabulous Take-away from Today

Many young athletes resent the fit and the discomfort of mouth guards.  Typically, they will find the custom mouth guard more comfortable.  The real magic is that then they will wear it more often.  It’s very sad to see a child come into the office with a severe dental injury, and his precious mouthguard is still in his pocket. –which is where it was during the entire game and the injury.

Likewise, the custom mouthguard will bring fewer constraints on a player’s speaking ability.

Is your child asking too much of technology to create a comfortable, resilient mouthguard?  Pediatric dentistry steps up to the plate this spring with better fitting, more comfortable mouthguards.

They are also structured of material that is thicker and stronger than the Big Box mouthguards.  So don’t risk a bad fit with Boil-it-and Bite it.  And don’t select the stiff discomfort of a “stock” model.

Neither of these actually fit as well as the one your dentist can design and hand-make.  Once again, we urge parents to protect their child with a state-of-the-art mouthguard from the experts at Dentistry for Children.

In fact, you could make this item a great addition to an Easter Basket!

Our Easter Greeting and a Special Message

Dr. Troy King and his staff would like to take this spring greeting as an opportunity

to thank you, our loyal readers, friends, patients and patients’ families.

We wish you a time of togetherness with your family and friends,

as we celebrate the beauty and joy of nature in this season of renewal.

Mouthguard yesterday, but soft moment today...

 A Boy and His Bunny…sweet spring moment.