National Smile Month has almost arrived.  The event begins May 17 and continues until June 17.  This charity campaign is dear to the hearts of Dentistry for Children because it celebrates and advocates for good oral health.

What is National Smile Month?

National Smile Month Is The Time To Take Stock Of Your Dental Needs.

Open Wide and Smile. National Smile Month: A Global Plea For Oral Health.

Put simply, this campaign is a charity campaign “all about championing the benefits of having good oral health and promoting the value of a healthy smile.”

During the coming month, they are committed to seeing the smiles of good oral health on everybody’s face.

Advocating for Oral Health:  A National Smile Month Shared Mission

The Oral Health Foundation uses this beautiful time of year to raise your awareness concerning important health issues.  They are hoping to put healthy smiles on every face. Thus, the Oral Health Foundation and Dentistry for Children join millions of others to find ways to shine a global spotlight on the cause of good oral health.

Support for National Smile Month

Perhaps you and your family believe it is easy to maintain a healthy smile. Did you know it is a challenge for many people?

We have seen many improvements in oral health and dental technology. However, inequalities continue to burden countless people. Likewise, both local and global consciousness of oral health has improved in the last four decades.

However, it still needs to evolve. Many people in communities all over the world do not have access to the simplest oral healthcare.

When you support National Smile Month, you support a world-wide effort. They state, “you will be able to help us reach groups where oral disease is far too common.”

Likewise, National Smile Month and its charitable functions provide you with a way “to reach people in the heart of your community. Help others achieve better oral health by sharing important oral health messages.”

National Smile Month Presents Four Fabulous Messages

2 X 2 Means 2 Minutes, 2 Times a Day. A Healthy Mouth Means a Healthy Body.

During National Smile Month, we are promoting four key messages for better oral health:

Like any charity, you can find out about donations at their website.  However, it’s equally important that all of us simply try to communicate the messages behind the days of National Smile Month.

You might have heard, By the way, Dentistry for Children repeat these messages many previously.

1.  Always “brush your teeth for two minutes.” Brush in the morning. Then, do this routinely as one of your last evening activities. And use fluoride toothpaste.

2.  “Clean between your teeth every day.”  We used to call this flossing, but there are other ways besides thread—neat little tools that you might prefer. Get into the cracks and crevices of all your teeth and clean carefully, at least once a day.

3.  Perhaps your family follows 1 and 2 and still has decay or poor oral health.  Then remember number three: “Cut down how much and how often you have sugary foods and drinks.”

4.  Finally, we remind you to schedule regular visits to the dentist.  This goes for parents as well as for children.  The Oral Health Foundation states, “No matter how you decide to support the campaign, please make sure you help us communicate these important messages.”

National Smile Month

Did you know that good oral health improves more than your teeth?  It enhances your quality of life.  In recent studies, we have discovered that poor oral health and gum disease are linked with many other general health conditions. These conditions include:

  • Heart disease and Strokes.
  • Lung Disease.
  • And Diabetes.

It can also lead to your giving birth to a premature or low-birth-weight baby.

Discover the Connection Between Your Mouth and Heart

National Smile Month

A Healthy Smile is a Beautiful Smile.

Recent studies have proven that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to have coronary artery (heart) disease than people without gum disease. Pay attention to the cycle:

“When people have gum disease…bacteria from the mouth can get into their bloodstream.” Once in the blood, bacteria produce protein.

This can “then affect the heart by causing the platelets in the blood to stick together in the blood vessels of the heart.” The stuck-together platelets can form clots.  Clots reduce normal blood flow.

Then, the heart does not get all the nutrients and oxygen it needs. As you might guess, this situation could lead to a heart attack.

Signs of an Unhealthy Smile

As we prepare to celebrate National Smile Month, we take the opportunity to invite you to visit your dental home if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of an unhealthy smile:

1.   “Inflammation of the gums, causing them to be red, swollen, and to bleed easily…” Does brushing cause bleeding?  If it does, call your dentist.

2.    Consistent Bad Breath– Bad breath can result from many dental causes. Remember to talk to your dentist. This symptom can indicate an unhealthy mouth.

3.   Ew!  That is a Bad Taste– If you have a consistently “unpleasant taste in your mouth,” did you know you should call your dentist?

4.   “Regular Mouth Infections—Are you often fighting infections in your mouth?  It might not be your teeth; it could be your gums.  Only your dentist knows for sure.

5.   “Loose Teeth—” If there’s wiggle room between your teeth and gums, you must have the immediate attention of a dentist.

Dentistry for Children is especially concerned about the health of our young ones.

Spreading messages of this type is one of the functions of the Oral Health Foundation.  Other activities of this organization include National Smile Month.  Additionally, they “help some of the most vulnerable members of society.”

Spread the Word

National Smile Month Is Cause For a Super Smile.

Good Oral Care is a Family Affair. Happy National Smiles Month…Coming Soon!

In conclusion, we hope you will help us spread the messages behind our healthy smiles.  Such messages “can make a real difference to a person’s oral health.”

So, we recommend you check out the Oral Health Foundation.  (Be sure you visit the adorable oral health education materials in their online shop.

The giant toothy mouth puppet is our favorite. Would a colorful poster make your children more aware of the rules for good toothbrush technique?

Supporting healthier lives through improved oral health and habits is a noble goal.  Whenever you smile during National Smile Month, think of the four main oral health messages that built that beautiful grin.

We have more details about oral health and health problems like those listed above.  You will see all the secret connections between your oral health and general health, in next week’s blog.

Until then, keep smiling and keep brushing,  as we approach National Smile Week!