National Smile Month is here! Between 18 May and 18 June, the Oral Health Foundation asks us to focus on “raising awareness of important health issues…” As they do every year, they call upon all of us, young and old, to re-dedicate ourselves to our oral hygiene.

Welcome Back to Natioal Smile Month and Your Dentist after Quarantine

Some Medical Face Shields Can Make You Smile. But, It's National Smile Month.

No. It’s Not the Creature From Outer Space. It’s Only a Medical Face Shield and Goggles to Protect You.

We must add that we are sure many family’s teeth and gums have suffered over the recent COVID-19 quarantine. So we at Dentistry for Children are glad to not only re-open, but also to re-open at such a special time. You see, May18—June 18, we celebrate National Smile Month, from the Oral Health Foundation. You will find more about National Smile Month below, but first, let us explain a few things that are new and different at Dentistry for Children.

Authorities Have Lifted Quarantine:  Welcome to Our Re-0pening Post COVID-19

As always, we are dedicated to our commitment to your child’s safety, security and comfort. We have complied with recent COVID-19 re-opening standards. With adjustments in place from the CDC and OSHA, you and your child will notice a few new procedures and equipment.  In fact we have gone above and beyond to create a protective environment. “Out of an abundance of caution while we navigate these unprecedented times.”

In addition to mentioning these new protocols and precautions in this blog, you can see the new procedures described in a letter by clicking the red COVID-19 button on our home page.

Before Your Arrival:

Although we’d love to have a National Smile Month party with every patient and family, we must request that you “try to limit the number of people attending your child’s appointment.” Likewise, please feel free to wear a mask if you like.  And we ask you to note that we will always be smiling–under our masks, especially during National Smile Month.

Our New Welcome:

We Hope You Didn’t Neglect Your Teeth During COVID-19. We Hate to See “Sugar Bugs” Take Advantage of Little Mouths.

As you arrive at the front door, a “staff member will greet each family.”  Before we take you to the treatment area, we will give you a quick health screening.

  • Do Paperwork First:  “You can print and fill out the Covid-19 health screening form from our website or fill it out upon arrival into your child’s treatment area.”
  • Thermometer Fun:   We will take the temperature of each patient and his or her accompanying family member.
  • Careful Monitoring:  Be aware that we will be happy to re-schedule your appointment if your temperature is elevated.

Sudsy Preventive Measures:

We will then escort you and your child directly to the hand-wash station. It’s located right “in your child’s treatment area. Then, the appointment will proceed as usual, with some small tweaks.” Now, we remind you again, if you have a mask, please feel free to wear it throughout your time in our office.

New Behavior Rules of the Dental Empire:

We know you are aware of “social distancing.”  Therefore, “As much as Dr. Troy King and his staff love hugs, high fives, and handshakes, we will refrain from any unnecessary physical contact during this time.” We know this behavior is for everyone’s safety and benefit.(However, Vulcan greetings are still acceptable. “Live long and prosper.”  And we totally approve and encourage all types of smiles and laughter.  Of course we do; it’s National Smile Month!

Dental Décor

You will notice that all of our all of our dental chairs are at least 9 feet apart, with barriers present.

Our New “Look”:

We Are So Glad Our Families Are Back. Now, We Can Help You to Maintain Those Happy and Healthy Teeth and Gums.

We know your child is accustomed to the usually PPE (personal protective equipment.)  However we might need to wear “some additional PPE, depending on the procedure. It may be beneficial to do a search online with your child. Then, share with them examples of dental face masks, full face shields, and other PPE they may encounter. This may be of great help to younger children.” We might look a little alien, but we don’t want to scare children, like creatures in outer-space movies. (Just the same we are sure Dr. King won’t mind the nick-name “Rocket Man,” if he has to wear his face-shield.)

Behind the scenes:

As we have always done, we have “meticulously and methodically prepared for your child. We have treated all the surfaces with EPA approved agents and protocol. Likewise you will see disposable covers on frequently touched surfaces.”

Invisible Helpers:

Feel free to take deep breaths!  “We have placed HEPA air purifiers throughout the office to assist in air purification. In addition, our HVAC system replaces the in-office air in excess of the recommended 6 times per hour. And you will see “Plexi-glass barriers will be present in clerical areas.”

Time to say Goodbye:

At the conclusion of your appointment, we will escort you to the front check-out area. There we will schedule your next appointment. “After checking out, you will exit through the waiting room.”

Welcome Back, Dental Family:  We Have Missed You!

It has been too quiet here at Dentistry for Children.  Dr. King and the entire staff at Dentistry for Children appreciate your understanding during this time. We are so happy to re-connect with your family!

And, Now:  Important News about National Smiles Month (from the Oral Health Foundation)

Teeth Just Love National Smiles Month.

Keep Your Teeth Happy With Good Oral Care.

In case you don’t know, the Oral Health Foundation focuses its charity on folks who are under-served in the area of dentistry. Thus, in addition to being a resource for oral health information, they fund-raise for dentally underserved populations.

They stated, “Despite the many improvements in oral health over the last 40 years, inequalities continue to be a burden for countless individuals. By supporting National Smile Month, you will be able to help us reach groups where oral disease is far too common.”

How You Can Help Support National Smile Month

Not all such support is financial.  Some support is mindfulness and simple communication of the importance of oral health in any and every population.

Support for the cause of oral health is National Smile Month’s mission. And “it is your chance to “reach people in the heart of your community. Help others achieve better oral health by sharing important oral health messages.” On social media, such messages could go viral—in a good way!

National Smile Month and Time to Celebrate Happy Oral Health

The Oral Health Foundation says: “We want you to join us and make a positive difference to the oral health of millions of people.”

National Smile: Messages for Maintaining a Healthy Smile

The messages of National Smile Month, are all about improving your oral health:

  1. First and foremost Binge Brush!  We know a lot of people might have gotten a little sloppy recently about brushing teeth for a full two minutes. Clean your teeth for two minutes. Always brush before bedtime and at one other time during the day. And use a fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Secondly, we highly recommend that you utilize cleaning between your teeth. It’s easy. You can use inter-dental brushes or floss every day.
  3. Likewise, hope you remember to swish and spit with a little mouthwash.
  4. Last but not least, your teeth will appreciate it if you “Cut down on how much sugar you have, and how often you have it.”
    Creating happier, healthier smiles

Remember. Clean Teeth are Happy Teeth!

Like the Oral Health Foundation, we at Dentistry for children believe, “Everybody deserves a healthy smile. A person’s oral health is a crucial part of their overall wellbeing.”

And the Oral Health Foundation adds, “That’s why, after nearly 50 years, our charity continues to provide oral health support and help to anybody who needs it.”  National Smile Month is too big for one blog. So we will be bringing you more about smiles and oral health in our next blog article, Part 2 of National Smile Month.