New Year Resolutions get a bad reputation. However, at Dentistry for Children, we think they are healthy for us mentally and emotionally.

We just discovered some new research about our tendency to make New Year’s Resolutions. The psychological phenomenon is called the Fresh Start Effect.

The Neilson Norman Group states that this effect hits our psyche at this time of year due to certain factors. They state, “Special occasions or temporal landmarks, such as a new year, cause people to reflect on their lives in a big-picture way…”

And they add that this in turn, “inspires them to set goals for better behavior.” Again, this mental phenomenon is referred to as the fresh-start effect.

New Year’s Resolutions:  The Fresh Start Mentality 2022 and Dental Health

New Year Resolutions Guide Our Goals For The New Year.

Sometimes, Our New Year’s Resolutions Are Too Big and Broad. In 2022, Let’s Start With Some Simple Actions to Improve Our Mental and Dental Health.

Thus, according to leading research, such occasions as the New Year, new semester, new month, or even a birthday can trigger us. This time of year puts us into a mental space to experience this Fresh Start effect.

That’s all Mental, but we can certainly apply this mental Fresh Start concept to a few fine dental New Year’s Resolutions.

Get a Fresh Start in 2022 with Healthy Dental New Year’s Resolutions for Children and Adults.  Not just in our hometown, Orlando, but on behalf of dentists everywhere, in Florida, and in the United States.

In fact, we can extend it to the Galaxy and the Universe.   We endorse these simple, dental New Year’s Resolutions 2022:

1.  Brush your teeth twice a day.

2.  Floss once a day.

3.  Never self-diagnose a dental problem. (Check out “Avoid Toxic Teeth Tricks, our Tic Tock Toxic dental blog to see what we mean.)

4.  Visit your dentist regularly—and smile!

Some New Year’s Greetings to Accompany Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Can Be as Simple as Improving the Time You Spend Brushing Your Teeth.  Remember, Two Minutes Twice a Day.

In 2021 we have been enjoying our tiny patients growing healthier smiles at Dentistry for Children. Time goes quickly when you are young and even quicker for the young-at-heart. Thus, 2022 has rolled around for us very fast!

Now, it’s time to make our 2022 wishes to our patients, friends, and families. Once again, we send New Year Wishes out to colleagues, parents, children, and blog readers.

As we quickly face the Dawn of 2022, we cannot help but be filled with the memories and smiles we’ve seen over the past year of 2021.

As we have said before in our annual New Year’s Blogs, remembering the good times is a special part of the New Year Holiday. It’s also an important part of that psychological Fresh Start we mentioned earlier.

We hope you cherish many good memories from 2021, even as you look forward to making new memories in 2022.

A Final, Dental and Mental Suggestion For a New Year’s Resolution

Our final New Year’s gift to you is a household hack for the invisible virus spreader in your home. We are very focused on your maintaining good toothbrushes and fluoride toothpaste.

However, we sometimes  overlook an important point for avoiding the flu and viruses rampant at this time of year: The toxic Toothbrush Holder

Let us remind you that a Toothbrush holder can become a haven for viruses.  Therefore, a family full of flu infections or Covid-19 variant infections could short-circuit your New Year’s Resolutions.

It can certainly ruin your Fresh Start.  As we have stated previously, an innocuous toothbrush holder is seemingly invisible. We know it is sitting there on the bathroom cabinet.

However, we seldom consciously realize they are true repositories of germs and disgusting homes for “sugar bugs,” as our young patients call bacteria.

Keeping the toothbrush holder impeccably clean and disinfected is the point of this little, often overlooked disinfection detail.

Please, if someone in the family has a cold, flu, or virus, isolate his or her toothbrush in its’ own holder.

Presenting You with Our Annual Smiles Full of Hope

The New Year Brings Us a Fresh Start For Better Dental Health Through Better Habits. Keep Your Smiles Bright.

Dr. Troy King and his staff wish you hope, courage, and optimism in the coming year.  In 2022, we hope you and your families realize your dreams.

We wish you the power to rediscover your strengths and smile.  We hope you gain the richness of joy in the simple pleasures of life.

If you are making New Year’s Resolutions, we hope you muster your willpower, not just on New Year’s Day but every day until you smile in triumph.

Making Time for Your New Year’s Resolutions

We have submitted this list in our blog in previous years, and we have been requested to include it again.  Dentistry for Children sends you these fine measurements of time for 2022.

Hopefully knowing you have so much time in your schedule will help you maintain your New Year’s Resolutions.

12 months of happiness,

52 weeks of enjoyment,

365 days of achievements,

8760 hours of good luck,

52600 minutes of good health and

New Year Resolutions: Our Hopes For The New Year Are Bound To These Goals.

Let’s Leap Into 2022 With Resolutions to Have Great Mental and Dental Attitudes.

Finally, we wish you 31536000 seconds of healthy smiles, strong, straight teeth, and mighty gums!

And Good Luck on your New Year’s Resolutions, both mental and dental!

Happy New Year!