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Dr. King and the staff at Dentistry For Children have prepared information for many of our procedures. Select a procedure from the menu below. Feel free to contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Common Procedures

At Dentistry for Children, a typical dental check-up appointment includes cleaning and polishing your child’s teeth and Dr. Troy King’s meticulous examination of your child’s teeth, oral tissues and jaws and a fluoride treatment.  Digital X-rays are taken when needed.
In areas that are difficult for the toothbrush to reach, sealants provide a barrier to protect these surfaces from plaque and cavities.  A thin resin coating is bonded to your child’s tooth which can last several years before it needs to be reapplied.
Tooth-colored fillings look more like natural teeth. They are quite durable, but remember—no filling is designed to last a lifetime.  Today, they have become preferable to amalgam fillings because people, even the very young, like their bright white smiles and unlike silver fillings can be repaired if damaged.
Dr. King offers a professional strength take-home whitening device that combines light and heat in a closed system to accelerate the whitening process.  Many of our patients at Dentistry For Children like to “complete their look” when they complete their orthodontics or they want to brighten their smile.  This system provides professional results with little or no sensitivity. Get ready to smile with more confidence!

Specialized Care

We advise all young athletes to have well fitted mouth guards to protect their teeth, lips, cheeks and gums from injuries.  Custom mouth guards provide a better fit and are more protective and comfortable than store-bought mouth guards.  But remember, any mouth guard is better than no mouth guard.  Children love our customized guards that feature team colors and numbers.
Do not be overly concerned if your child is very young, and still sucking on his or her fingers or thumbs.  Children will typically stop this behavior all by themselves.
If your child continues to suck on his or her fingers or thumbs after three years old, Dr. King might recommend a mouth appliance that prevents the behavior.
Prolonged behavior of this type can cause teeth to grow out improperly or in a deformed direction toward the lip, causing language and eating problems.
If your baby is having difficulty breast-feeding, it may be caused by a tongue tie or lip tie.  Dr. King performs this procedure with a LASER in the office and it can be done at any age.  The laser treatment offers the benefits of a quick procedure with little or no discomfort.  Because bleeding is minimal, stitches are not needed and your baby will be able to breastfeed immediately.

As your child ages, tongue or lip ties can also cause speech and dental issues.  This LASER treatment is equally effective in older children and can significantly improve speech or dental concerns.

When your child loses a baby tooth at an early age, Dr. King might custom fit a small metal spacer called a space maintainer to reserve the mouth space and prevent extensive orthodontic treatments.  This dental appliance will stabilize the remaining teeth and helps guide permanent teeth into position.

Without this treatment, nearby teeth move into the empty space, and the permanent teeth can come in crowded or crooked.  Your child will completely adjust to the space maintainer in a few days.