The Sugar Plum Fairies are all a-flutter.  And since this is the holiday, we are going to feature them in a special story dedicated to our patients and their families.  So, it’s time for a magical “Once Upon A Time,” And we hope you will read this holiday story to your children. It’s a fairy-tale, but you’ll find some dental important tips in the moral of the story at the end.

Sugar Plum Fairies Celebrate the sweetness of Holiday Treats

Holiday Celebration: Cakes, Pies, Candy Canes, and Fudge: Dreams for a Sugar Plum Fairy

As we said, the Sugar Plum Fairies are all in a tizzy. Christmas is almost here. It’s terribly exciting with toys and gifts and sugary treats under every tree.  Moms are making holiday cookies, cakes and pies and delicious candies.  Dentistry For Children has asked the Sugar Plum fairies and the Tooth Fairy to join forces to fight a serious sugary threat to children’s teeth:  the traditional conflict between goodies for the holidays and the protection of children’s teeth.

Introducing the Sugar Plum Fairies In The Woods

The Sugar Plum Fairies danced and jumped and somersaulted. They cart-wheeled, rolled, and, flew in crazy circles.  You must understand, with all their sugary energy, they can never be completely still.  After all, their main food was sweets.

And thus, they traveled through the forest until suddenly they stopped.  Just ahead was a tall gleaming white castle.  It was surrounded by the most deliciously clear water.

The first Sugar Plum Fairy, Trixie, said: “Wow, that’s the most beautiful castle I have ever seen.”

Pixie, the second fairy added, “Yeah, and look at that delectable lake that goes all the way around it.  This lolly-pop made me thirsty.”

The third Sugar Plum, Dixie, flew round and round and up and down in excitement.
“I’m dying of thirst.  Do you suppose it would be alright to get a drink?

Behind the castle, they found a curvy bridge that led into the castle.

Dixie: “Who do you suppose lives here? A King and Queen maybe?”

Trixie:  “I don’t know, but let’s explore.  I always wanted to live in a castle.”

Inside The Castle

Sugar Plum Fairies arise to comfort the tooth fairie

The Tooth Fairy’s Castle: Home of a Very Upset Tooth Fairy

So, the three Sugar Plums poked their heads in this room and then that room until they reached a very dark bedroom.  They moved very slowly… at least as slowly as Sugar Plum Fairies can move.

In the dim light by the fireplace, they saw a white lump curled into a heap.  It was moving up and down in slow jerky movements and they could hear a horrible sound coming from it.

Introducing A Mysterious Princess With Wings

As they approached, they could see it was a she.  She was dressed in an all-white gown and slippers.  She looked like a princess – with wings?  The Princess was sobbing as if her heart would break.

Trixie: “What on earth could be so terrible?”

Dixie: “I bet she is just hungry.”

Pixie: “She must have lost her prince at least.”

About this time, the Princess – “with wings” looked up.  She tried to dry her eyes and asked, “What are you doing here?”

The three Sugar Plums (in unison): “We saw your beautiful white castle and came in to explore.”

Trixie:  “And we are celebrating. Gee, I wish I had some lemon drops.”

Dixie: It’s the most fun time of year, you know! Chocolate and Caramel and Cinnamon, oh my!

Pixie:  Yeah, I just love Christmas with all the candy and cakes and yummy…Do you have any peppermints?

At the word Christmas, our “winged” Princess collapsed onto the floor, once again sobbing uncontrollably.

Three Sugar Plums Fairies in unison: “What’s wrong?“

Trixie:  “How can you be so unhappy at the most fun time of all?”

The Mysterious Princess Reveals Her Identity

Dixie: “Yeah, and who are you anyway?  I never saw a Princess with wings before.”



Sugar and Spice and everything nice: But those thing destroy teeth.

The Tooth Fairy’s Protects Children From Count DE-Kay and Evil Accomplices

With sticky little hands, Pixie offered her a lolly-pop and a delicate handkerchief.  Slowly, our princess regained control.  She stopped crying and dried her tears. And then she said, “I thought you knew. I am the tooth fairy.”

Three Sugar Plums (again in unison):  “Wow, that’s Cool.”

Trixie:  “That sounds like an important job. You should be happy!”

Dixie and Pixie: So, what’s wrong?”

Tooth Fairy:  It’s my job to keep the teeth of all the boys and girls strong and healthy.  But, it’s impossible!”

The Tooth Fairy suddenly burst into tears again.

Trixie:  “Gee, you’re going to flood the whole castle if you keep that up.  So, what’s the problem?”

The Tooth Fairy again gets control and slowly says, “You are.”

Pixie and Dixie in unison:  “We are? How?”

Sugar Plum Fairies a Problem?

Trixie:  “Right!  How can we be the problem?  We are just celebrating and trying to bring fun to the whole kingdom.”

Tooth Fairy:  “That’s the problem.  You are so much fun and so beautiful.  You inspire Moms to make cakes and pies, fudge and ice cream.  And all sorts of yummy things.  How can I possibly compete with all of that?”

Pixie:  “O.K.  That’s all true, but I still don’t understand.  Why is that a problem?”

Tooth Fairy:  “Don’t you see?  Your sweets and goodies are so tempting that the children eat them.  The sugary glop sticks to their teeth and that’s when the Mouth Monsters come out.”

Mouth Monsters!

Sugar Bug and Mouth Monsters Work Hand in Hand

What are Mouth Monsters?

Three Sugar Plums in unison:  “Mouth Monsters?”

Tooth Fairy:   “Yes, Mouth Monsters.  They are evil.  They show up at all the holidays.  And they are just waiting for the chance to destroy my children’s teeth.”

Trixie:  “Gee, I had no idea.”

Tooth Fairy:  “When you came in, did you see a tall skinny looking fellow?  He always dresses in all-black.  He has a large brimmed hat that covers his evil eyes and a slinky looking black silk cape.”

Dixie:  “Yeah, I remember him.  He was sort of skulking behind the trees and he ducked down when we looked in his direction.”

Tooth Fairy:  “That’s him alright.  His name is Count De-Kay and he is nasty.  When the kids have their mouths full of sticky, sweet candy, he shows up with his dastardly accomplices.”

Dixie:  “Who are they?”

Tooth Fairy:  “Well, there is Ginger Bite-Us, Tartar the Terrible and of course the Count himself, Count De-Kay.  And he always brings tons of sugar bugs.”

Trixie:  Sugar Bugs?  They don’t sound so bad.  What’s wrong with them?

Tooth Fairy:  “Oh, I just hate them.  They drill holes in the children’s teeth and cause horrible cavities.”

All Plumb Fairies in unison:  “Oh, That’s beastly.”

Tooth Fairy:  “As I said before, mouth monsters “love little teeth covered in candy.”

Trixie:  “Oh, golly.  I just feel awful.  I had no idea that we were causing so much trouble.

Dixie: “Yeah, me too.”

Is It Too Late To Help?

What To Do-What To Do?

What To Do—What To Do?

Pixie:  “So what can we do?  Is it too late?

Trixie:  “Surely, there is something we can do to help.”

They all think and think.  Sugar Plums fly in circles, barely avoiding collisions.

And then, all at once the Sugar Plums Fairies yell, “I’ve got it.”

Trixie:  “We know lots of smart people.  Let’s call them and get their advice.  All Right, to your Cell Phones.”

The Sugar Plums and Tooth Fairy all start chattering on their phones.  After a few moments, they fly to the fireplace and begin talking, all at once.

Trixie bangs on the fireplace with her magic wand.  Then, she says “I can tell we all have ideas.

Tooth Fairy:  “Why don’t we put all our ideas together in one list.  Then, we can see what we have.

Tips To Protect Your Child From Dr. Dee-Kay and the Mouth Monsters

The Tooth Fairy and the Sugar Plum Fairies worked into the night.  This is the list of tips that they are offering to you:

1.    Dr. Troy King at Dentistry for Children  “We have a special treat:  When bedtime arrives, we have “Toothpaste treat time.”

“Basically, no one goes to bed without brushing and flossing.”  And we predict that soon your child will grow to love the feeling of going to sleep with a clean-tasting mouth.  This is a treat in itself, and the beginning of a rewarding life-long habit.

2.   The President of AAPD, Dr. Jade Miller said,  if you have a treat and cannot conveniently brush, then “Drink, rinse, swish and, if you pardon the expression, spit, then repeat.  Water will help to “dislodge any particles that can get stuck in the teeth.”

3.   “We remind parents that “Sweets can still be part of the fun on Christmas and New Years as long as parents and caregivers help their children practice moderation and proper oral hygiene to keep their mouths healthy.”

Teeth Can Live a Very Long Time If You Treat Them Well. Happy Holidays

Teeth Can Live a Very Long Time If You Follow The Tips.
Happy Holidays

4.   “Have a routine:  Always brush teeth two times a day, for two minutes…”  “It’s what keeps your mouth healthy in December and all year long.  Make sure to use a fluoride toothpaste that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance.”

5.   “Choose the carrots. (That means you, the reindeer and Santa!) Cookies and sweets are nice holiday treats, but instead of reaching for another candy cane, take a cue from Rudolph and eat the carrots.

6.   Avoid those sugary drinks. Drink water. You need a lot of energy for holiday activities, but avoid drinking sodas, sports drinks, and juices with lots of sugar. Instead, drink water with fluoride in it to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Dentistry For Children Wishes You Wonderful Holidays.

Please tune in to our next issue.  Who knows what magical suggestions our Tooth and Sugar Plum Fairies will find to protect teeth during future holidays?