First of all, the doctors, staff and all our little patients here at Dentistry for Children wish you and your family the happiest of Thanksgiving Holidays!

Healthy Meal and Close Family--Thanksgiving Blessings.

Wishing You a Happy, and Healthy Thanksgiving from Dentistry For Children!

A Holiday brings a multitude of challenges to your child’s dental health.  We know this is a time for treats and snacks.  Plus schedules get mixed up and brushing can be neglected.

Dentistry for Children does not mean to be a spoil sport or a worry wart.  However we also hate to see you ruin your pretty smile with over-indulgence when a few tips could make it easier to have happy, healthy teeth as well as a good holiday.

A Little Thanksgiving Gift:

So, our Thanksgiving Gift to you is a set of tips designed to help you enjoy holidays in healthy dental ways!

Orlando based dentist sends you greetings

Little Pilgrim reports no cavities from her holiday!

Watch Out for Sugar Bugs!  As parents, we must watch the sugar and limit children’s snacks.  But this is a daunting task during holiday feast time.

One:  The Snack Rule of Three!  Try to set a rule:  Three times a day are really enough for snack-times.

Remember also that some healthy snacks are very appealing to children!

Two:  Otherwise, make a sweet treat into part of the meal experience with miniature deserts.

This has a two-fold benefit:  A. First, the children will eat less  desert because the meal has dulled their appetite.
B.  They are more likely to brush their teeth after a meal than after a little snack

Three:  Teeth Love Water!  Who knew?  In fact, your whole body craves water!  So let’s try to drink more water with our holiday meals.  You’ll be surprised at how much better the food will taste!  This is good for adults as well as children!

Four:  What’s worse than sugar?  Wet, Fizzy, Extra sticky, liquid Sugar!  …in carbonated sugary drinks!

Oddly enough, we are discovering that some sugary carbonated drinks erode enamel as badly as candy and cookies.

We Interrupt this List to Bring You a Special Thanksgiving Celebration Alert!

Please try to avoid those sugary carbonated drinks—You know the ones we mean.  However, if you just must indulge in such a drink, experts tell us,

“Use a straw for sugary drinks.”  “Directing sugary fluid away from your teeth minimizes its impact while still allowing you to enjoy the taste of the drink.”

By the way, carbonated sugary drinks have been proven to erode teeth even more than sugary juice-style drinks, which we also want you to avoid.

Five:  Starches Gone Wild!  Remember that starches can lead to bad cavities just like sugar.  Bread, crackers, potato-chips!  This is a texture-related issue, as much as it is chemical.

You see, it actually takes longer to clean and clear starches from the mouth than simple sugars.

A Thanksgiving Note On Starch:  This does not mean you should replace mashed potatoes with ice cream.  But it does mean that nobody really needs three dinner rolls!

Six:  Shocking Secrets About that Cheese Course: Did you know that cheeses like mozzarella, aged cheddar and Monterey-Jack  can help your teeth?  They make an excellent last course to a meal because they clear the mouth and teeth of food particles.  Such cheeses also neutralize the acids that attack teeth.

Families everywhere will be grateful for their health and happiness on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Blessing

A Thanksgiving Chef’s Secret:

How interesting that chefs of fine dining have been using a cheese course in place of the desert course for centuries.  Perhaps they knew something we did not!

Cheese can also be a fine snack, full of flavor and very nice texture.

Seven:  Who’re Ya Gonna Call?

Ghost busters can’t help you with a dental emergency, but you should know how to get help if you need it.  Suppose you break a tooth or loose a filling?  Especially if you are going out of town, be sure you, “Know who to call.”

If your dental office will be closed during the holidays, ask your dentist for a referral for emergencies.”  

Eight:  Brushing should never take a holiday!  Your tooth brush and dental floss should be happy traveling companions whether you are going to visit Grandma across town or across the globe.

 Once again, Dentistry for Children hopes you have an enjoyable, fun-filled, much-blessed and dentally healthy Thanksgiving Holiday.