A Tooth-Conscious Halloween Event is on the way! Before we write another sentence, let’s invite you officially to:   the Dentistry for Children Halloween Candy Buy-Back Party!  Mark your calendars now, if you haven’t already!

Tooth Conscious Parents: Learn how to sell us your Trick-or-Treaters Candy!

Swing into Dr. Troy King’s Office, Nov 9th, and we will buy back up to 5 pounds of your Trick-or-Treat candy!

Tooth-Conscious Parents and Kids Help Troops, Nov. 9, 2018

1.   Who?  Dr. Troy King will “buy back” some of your child’s candy stash at the dentist’s office.

2.   What?  With the candy you bring into the office, we will send our troops a taste of home and a show of support.  Tooth-Conscious or Troop-Conscious, this idea is a winner!  There will be Food, Fun, Games, Prizes, and Surprizes

3.   When?  The Big Buy Back Date:  This year, Nov. 9th is the day of Halloween Candy Buy-Back Fun!  And the hours are 4:00-8:00 p.m.

4.   Where?  It all happens at Dr. King’s Office, Dentistry for Children, 1390 City View Center, Oviedo.  And you do not have to be a patient to join into this festive Buy-Back event and be a part of this worthy cause.

Halloween Is a Scary Time for Tooth-Conscious Parents

In previous blogs, we have categorized some of the worst dental offenders of the candy world.

By the way, do you know that, according to the ADA, the most tooth-heathy sweets at Halloween or any time of the year include chocolate with no filling?  Likewise, are you aware that sugarless gum with the ADA approved label is a great treat for teeth?  The gum helps to activate saliva and dissolve sugars that might lead to decay.

Let’s look at a brief summary. Tooth-conscious parents and kids, please beware of :

1.   The  Sticky Sugar Bugs:  Sticky candies like caramel, jellied gummy-candies.

2.   The Hard-Shell Tooth-Killers:  like jaw-breakers and lollypops, which cause cracks, breaks, and dislodged crowns.

3.   The Slithery Sour Enamel-Eaters:  These candies provoke a “sour” taste.  The Sour Candies.  Acid does this.  Acid is the ingredient in candies that provide a “sour” taste.  Sour candies can even change the pH of your mouth.

Now, we know that acidity weakens the enamel of teeth.  And when that happens, the outer shells of teeth are more vulnerable to bacteria.  Then comes the pain of cavities.

A Grand Return to Our Special Halloween Dental-Conscious Halloween Night Game

It’s time again to institute a special plan to minimize the dental dangers posed by the “Sugar Bugs” of traditional Halloween loot.  Dentistry for Children presents a Game-plan for your Halloween Night.  It’s a fun candy-check-in game for parents and kids.

We have suggested this Game previously and many families have thanked us.  Therefore, let us show you how to make tooth-conscious kids out of your sugar-gobbling goblins—and have some family fun.

Usually, in blogs like this, rules for the night only begin when the Trick-or-Treating is done.  Some of the set-ups begin much earlier.  Actually, you can begin as soon as you read this article.

1.   A Tooth-Conscious but Delicious Halloween dinner. 

Children choose a healthy supper in advance.  They might be excited and costumes can be distracting.


Tooth-conscious parents and kids have a plan for sharing treats with troops.

A Halloween family party scene:  Happy Trick-or-Treating with supervision, a check-in game, and a dentist’s treat buy-back plan.

So, if they choose a protein-heavy appetizer, that selection is also fine.  The only requirement is that the meal is a special favorite.  We suggest you serve it before they depart to a Halloween party or Trick-or-Treat time.

During the dinner, reinforce the idea of the candy check-in game.  In fact, we hope you have talked about this fun, special game for several days previous to Halloween.

Then, the fun begins immediately after the treat collecting.  More than just “giving up” their hard-earned treats, you will have already told the children about the fun of their candy Check-In Game.

Their check-in gets to be proactive.  Thus, kids can take ownership of the candy.  You will have already convinced them to do some special things with it, besides getting cavities. (Read on to learn how it works…)

2.   Turn-in Time After Trick or Treat:  Let the games really begin:

A. When all the Trick-or-Treaters turn in their candy, Parents dump it out on a table.  Of course, we reinforce the idea of many articles that you should screen it.  Check for open or damaged packages.

B.  Then, pass out small, snack baggies to the kids.  Help each child pick and choose a few small treats for each treat bag.

3.   These little treat bags will be their Tooth-Conscious snack-packs.

Parents will keep them for children, in a safe, kid-proof place.  Then, dole out on each carefully chosen bag on a pre-designated snack day.  The reason for this part of the game is to teach children to discern the size and types of various treats that make a small snack pack.
Then comes the big vote:  Make sure everyone agrees upon a specific time of day for the snacks, like 4:00 after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4.   Parents Play An Important Tooth-Conscious Role!

Parents, in event of disputes, you get to play the part of a referee or grand judge. For example:  Does a mini-pack of M&M’s count the same as a Mini-Hershey bar? Eww, that’s a tough call!)

The Tooth-Conscious Parent’s Secret

Tooth-conscious parents will love the magic of the dentist's candy buy-back.

The Candy Buy Back at Dentistry for Children brings magic to the Tooth-conscious parent’s scene.

When you see them make their selections of 3-5 pieces, know that they are learning portioning.  This skill is a very important lesson for dental health in the future.  This is helping them form lifetime healthy eating patterns and a little bit of self-discipline.

Now, we know there will still be quite a bit of left-over candy.

Happy Halloween at the Dentist’s Office

Then, after the snack-packs are created, pack up the remaining candy and save it until November 9, 2018.  On that “Candy Buy Back Day” as described above, we invite you to bring it to Dr. Troy King’s office at Dentistry for Children.  See above, for all the fun details and please, don’t miss it!

There, amidst games, food, fun, and prizes, we will buy up to 5 pounds worth of the Halloween Candy Plunder from you at the premium price of 1.00 per pound.  That’s right, remember, we’ll give you cash for your Halloween Candy.

That’s so much better than cavities and calories.  To all our young patients and their families and friends:  Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Tooth-Conscious Halloween.