Tooth Monsters are knocking on your door. Have you forgotten “Tooth DK” or “Ginger Bite us”? What about  Tartar the Terrible?

Tooth Monsters Are on the Loose and Ready to Attack.

Sugar Bugs Just Love Hard, Sweet, Sticky Candy.

All the tooth Monsters are here. They are hiding and waiting for Halloween.  And they are waiting for just the right moment to attack. And they know that Halloween is just the moment that you might let your guard down.

Remember, all of these mouth monsters just love to make horrible holes and ugly decay in your teeth.

Dr. Troy King: Your Super-Hero

Dr. King wants you to have fun and be safe on Halloween Night.  So, he has developed a plan to keep the tooth monsters at bay and to help you have a safe and profitable Halloween.

Did we say profitable? Yes, we did. After all the fun is over, there is cash to be made. Be sure to check out Dr. King’s special offer later in this blog. It’s a sure way to “have your cake and eat it too.” (or candy) It’s Dr. King’s Annual Halloween Candy Back for Trick or Treaters.

Dr. Troy King’s Super Plan to Destroy Tooth Monsters

Super-Hero Fights Dental Enemies to Defeat Tooth Monsters and Protect Innocent Teeth

Super-Hero Fights Dental Enemies to Defeat Tooth Monsters and Protect Innocent Teeth

This plan contains a special strategy with a 2 attack plan.

  • Trick or Treaters Safety Tips. These tips will help you navigate potential dangers as you go door to door, collecting those special treats.
  • Parent’s Special Tips. These will help to ensure safety on the trail and care of those delicious treats. You will want to protect those special teeth from the tooth monsters.
  • Check-out the suggestions on handling the colossal bags of treats, including fun, enjoying the best treats and “cashing in” on the left-overs.

Trick or Treaters’ Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to protect you from the night and other possible monsters who might also be “trick or treating.”

  1. Firstly, don’t go trick or treating alone. Be sure to stay with an adult or others that you know.
  2. Use a flashlight to help you see where you are going and avoid tripping over obstacles on dark streets or yards.
  3. When going from house to house, never run.
  4. Also, look both ways when crossing streets and always cross at crosswalks whenever possible. Also, remind mom to put reflective tape on your costume so cars can easily spot you.
  5. Don’t go into any house without your Mom, Dad, or Adult. In fact, avoid houses completely that are not well lit.
  6. Don’t eat treats while you are going house to house. Save them until you are home. Let Mom or Dad check all candy to be sure it’s safe.
  7. Additionally, select only your most favorite treats to eat. Save all the rest to make money with Dr. King’s buy-back.
  8. Finally, don’t let the tooth monsters get your teeth. Always be sure to brush and floss carefully after eating those treats.

Parent’s: Keep all Tooth Monsters at Bay

Young Halloween Witches Practice Spells to Protect Teeth from Tooth Monsters.

Young Halloween Witches Practice Spells to Protect Teeth from Tooth Monsters.

Halloween sweets and tooth monsters have just begun their attack on your children’s teeth.  Dr. Troy King and the staff at “Dentistry for Children” in Orlando, have joined the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in this special combat.

Remember, the enemy has sold 9 billion dollars worth of candy, designed to assault the teeth of 41 million American children, ages 5-16.

Specific Parent Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions geared to help your little werewolves, red riding hoods, and other assorted ghouls have a safe, fun evening.

  1. Before “Trick or Treating” begins, prepare a favorite dinner. This should be a non-sugar treat meal and one that they truly enjoy. For example, their favorite might be lasagna. This is a way of ensuring that the don’t leave home hungry. Thus, you avoid the temptation to eat treats as they go.
  2. Remind them to brush and floss well before leaving the house. They are bound to be excited and just might forget.
  3. Be sure an adult accompanies the little ones. There are numerous dangers involved in being on some of the dark streets and yards. Some of the other older ghouls on the street have been known to take advantage of smaller children.
  4. Non-Sugar Treats can be fun and non-threatening to teeth. For example, Mouth Healthy suggests that you “Light up the night by handing out glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces in place of sugary treats. In addition to being a fun add-on for the kids’ costumes, they’ll also help parents keep track of their little ghouls.”
  5. Other non-sugar suggestions might include stickers, crayons, notepads, little bracelets or tiny trucks, stick-on tattoos. You can find these small trinkets and treasures by the basket-load at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Stores. They are usually stashed close to the front of the store, near the cash registers.
    Additionally, check out additional alternatives to candy at this site.
  6. Be sure to check your children’s treat bag carefully when they return. Be sure the “goodies” are safe. Any treats that are not sealed or suspicious in any way, should be thrown out.

Super Hero Dr. Troy King and the Candy Buy-Back

Don’t forget Dr. King’s Candy Buy-Back. This is how you can make money for something special.

Be Sure All Treats are Professionally Sealed. Avoid Home-made Treats Which Could Cause Serious Allergies or Contain Harmful Ingredients.

Be Sure All Treats are Professionally Sealed. Avoid Home-made Treats Which Could Cause Serious Allergies or Contain Harmful Ingredients.

Dr. Troy King is holding his annual Halloween Candy Buy Back for Trick or Treaters Nov. 8.  Right here at the office, the dentist will buy your Halloween candy at 1.00 per pound, for up to 5 lbs.  This offer is valid only from 4:00 to 7:00 on Nov. 8.

Remember, this is a One Day only Candy Buy Back.  This fun event has always resulted in a lot of excitement, and the candy goes to a good cause.  You see, Dr. King ships it out to our American military troops who do not get the opportunity to celebrate Halloween with their families. And for them, seeing American candy is like seeing a little bit of home or a little memory of their American Childhood.

So, when you get your candy, don’t forget your dentist.  Think about what you will buy with your candy money!  Let’s make this the biggest candy haul Dr. Troy has ever gotten in his life!

Dr. Troy King and the staff at Dentistry for Children wish you a very Happy Halloween!