Toxic Teeth Tricks are hazardous to dental health.  If you are a parent, you undoubtedly know about Tic Toc. You might have even laughed with your children at some of the dances and antics showed on Tic Toc. That’s fine.  But did you know this popular social media platform can harm children’s teeth?

Special Alert Against Tic Toc Toxic Teeth Tricks Dental Advice

Toxic Teeth Tricks Can Cause a Life-Time of Tooth Pain.

It’s Back-to-School Time: Some Friends May Think Self-Dentistry is “Cool.” Don’t Believe it. It Can Cause a life-Time of Dental Problems.

Many toxic teeth tricks for at-home dentistry are available on the Tic Toc social media platform, and we are warning parents. Once you have read this article, we hope you will have a talk with your child.

Help us spread the word about the toxic dental procedures promulgated by child-peers. They are recommending such scary procedures as using a nail file to even up teeth.  (Scary.)

Alternatively, there are directions for how to sharply re-shape teeth to make them “vampire” teeth.  (Even scarier.) Likewise,  Dr. Chad Evans, also a concerned dentist, stated, “It’s not the same as filing your fingernails.

If you file your fingernails today, they’ll grow back tomorrow.” “Our teeth are permanent.”

The dangerous activities inherent in Tic Tok do-it-yourself dentistry do not involve simple teen or tween or fashion. They can actually injure and even kill teeth, affecting health for a lifetime.

Attention, Parents!  Learn More about Toxic Teeth Tricks from Tic Tok

The Dental Director of DentaQuest in Shreveport Louisiana, Dr. Damien Cuffie is on a mission to stop these Do-It-Yourself dentistry instructions. He says flatly, “You shouldn’t be using dental hacks from TikTok.”

He recently reported two major reasons dentists are superior to social platform performers,

  • Firstly, he stated, “We are trained professionals. We’ve gone through four-plus years of schooling.” Some dentists have had even more education and experience.”  The kids giving advice to your kids on Tic Toc possess no professional training.

By the way, Here at Dentistry for Children, Dr. King is a pediatric dentist, meaning he has had 8 such years of training and education plus years of extra training to maintain up-to-the-minute skills in the field.

  • Secondly, Dr. Cuffie pointed out, “And the instruments and the materials that we use are all tested and approved by the ADA and the FDA.”

A Painful Sample Case: Just One Toxic Teeth Trick Can Inflict Multiple Dental Problems

Toxic Teeth Tricks Destroys Enamel. Decay and Dental Infections Will Follow.

Advice to Dating-Age Teens: An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away… But, Toxic Teeth Tricks And Resulting Decay Keep Dates Away.

From this new trend in Tic Toc Toxic Teeth Tricks, Cuffie told the story of treating a patient who “actually had braces applied at someone’s home” instead of at a dentist’s office.

He said, “And the movement of the teeth actually caused her to lose a couple of her teeth because she had periodontitis which is supposed to be diagnosed prior to putting braces on.”

Special Alert:  Tic Toc Teeth Tricks are Hazardous to Dental Health

So, braces are not to be taken lightly or sold in someone’s living room like a middle-marketing product. Take a look at a few more toxic Teeth Tricks from Tic Toc.

These are our top hits on a long list of dental procedures that do not belong in the hands of children. They are not meant to be Do-It-Yourself procedures:

Toxic Tic Tok Teeth Trick Number One:  The Wrong Ways to Whiten Teeth

Hydrogen peroxide showcases hydrogen peroxide for whitening teeth.  However,  parents should know that we strongly protest the prolonged use of this chemical. It is one of our most alarming toxic teeth tricks from Tik Tok.

As we advised in our recent blog, supervise your child’s use of Big Box store products. Better yet, we recommend professional treatment of your adolescent’s smile brightening desires.

As stated by many experts, “Prolonged bleaching with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, especially when used multiple days in a row, can lead to highly irritated gums and sensitive teeth.” Even over-the-counter products are gentler on gums and enamel.

Another Toxic Whitening Debacle

Good Hygiene and Professional Dental Care Are All That’s Required For a Healthy Mouth. No Nail Files Are Necessary.

Likewise, a recent Tic Top Trick involved a young lady using a bathroom cleaner, a Magic Eraser, to whiten her teeth.  A shocked dentist, Dr. Benjamin Winters of Texas, stated, “A Magic Eraser is actually made of melamine foam.”

He added, “It’s basically foam that’s hard as glass and acts as a really abrasive sandpaper. Meaning, yeah, your teeth are white because you scrubbed all the enamel off. So, in fact, no, don’t do this.” (By the way, “The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser label states that the household cleaning product is not for use on skin or other parts of the body.”)

Terrible Flossing Trend:  Tic Toc Teeth Trick Number Two

Hair flossing sounds like a beauty shop treatment. However, it is a Tic Toc process to floss teeth.  Whereas we love to see children learn to eliminate plaque and calculus, we want them to use the right instruments.

Wisps of your hair can actually harm the space between teeth as well as the gums. Using hair as floss can introduce bacteria rather than getting rid of it.

Tic Toc Teeth Trick Number Three:  Nail Filing Teeth

Toxic Teeth Tricks Can Be Hazardous to Your Teeth.

File-Sharpened-Teeth May Be Fun at a Party, But, They Are Also Permanent and Disasterous.

Teeth filing with a nail file damages enamel.  This Tic Toc Teeth Trick (mentioned above) can hurt the very covering that protects teeth from pain and sensitivity.  Likewise, the use of a nail file can discolor teeth as well as invite bacteria into the mouth.  Then, you have cavities.

Please consult with your dentist about the size and shape of your teeth if your child has questions about them.

DIY Disaster Dentures:   Terrible Viral Teeth Trick Number Four

Do parents even know about moldable plastic?  This product is often promoted as a substitute for teeth.  The procedure is unhealthy, to say the least.

Your homemade teeth allow food, bacteria, and plaque to attack not only teeth and gums, but also bone. With inflammation and irritation come receding gums and permanent bone loss.

Moldable plastic can also slip out of place and cause a child to choke. Our advice is to avoid ordering, buying, or using this unreliable product, and never utilizing it as a dental material.

Placating Plaque Improperly:  The Fifth of Many Toxic Teeth Tricks

Plaque scrapers belong in the dentist’s office. However, now that they are available, we caution against the use of them at home.

In the hands of a trained dental hygienist, plaque scrapers are instruments of amazing dental health.  But in the hands of a child or an inexperienced adult, these sharp tools transform into blades of trauma.

They can puncture gums, exposing tooth roots, and of course incite sensitivity.  With one tiny slip, a plaque scraper can also inflict damage and infection on the tongue, inside the cheeks, and other sensitive areas of the mouth.

Terrific Take-Aways in Our Fight to Protect Children from Tic Tok Dentistry (Toxic Teeth Tricks)

The ADA has been fighting the battle of Do-It-Yourself Dentistry for almost five years. However, many people are still unaware of its dangers. And each new platform seems to re-introduce toxic teeth tricks to children.

In 2018, the American Dental Association (ADA) launched a public awareness campaign to educate the public and discourage DIY dentistry of any kind.

The American Dentistry Association Speaks Out On Toxic Teeth Tricks

From the archives of the American Dentistry Association, we find this quote.

Toxic Teeth Tricks: No Tricks. Just Healthy Food and Proper Dental Care.

Back-To-School:  Professional Dental Exams, the Right Food, and Good Dental Hygiene Are Your Best Dental Guarantee.

“Depending on the oral health issue being addressed and the nature of the treatment, there may be risks for long-term issues, including jaw problems, an abnormal bite, tooth decay, and loss as well as gum disease…”  These words are still true today.

Thus, we at Dentistry for Children encourage you to inform your children about the perils of using toxic tricks from Tic Tok or any other social platform.

And, just for budget-minded parents, we add, “Despite the apparent cost savings as advertised by these products, [and procedures,] they can often cost more in the long run to correct,” cautioned Dr. Joseph P. Crowley, president of the ADA.

Thank you, as always for reading our Dentistry for Children Blog.  We constantly strive to keep you informed about the most recent developments in children’s dentistry.  You might notice that our last few blogs have been designed to gear up you and your family for Back to School.

Check out the July blogs for tips about mouth guards for sports and dental check-ups. And now you also know the facts about the toxic teeth tricks readily available at Tic Tok.

Remember, your dentist is here to safely protect your child’s dental health.