Your Pediatric Dentist knows how to talk to children.  Therefore, we spotlight the special talents of your pediatric dentist.

Additionally, we present this blog in a format you can share with your youngest children. This is a special blog, just for our patients, ages 1 to 5, and for the parents who read to them.

We especially hope you will share these ideas before you bring your babies or toddlers into their new dental home at Dentistry for Children.

Meet Your Tooth Doctor, Your Pediatric Dentist

Your Pediatric Dentist Help Keep Teeth Healthy.

Your Pediatric Dentist Sends This Blog For Children, As Well As Parents. Dental Care Is Very Important!

It is very helpful to have some simple and fun vocabulary for our youngest patients. We want to share these fabulous words with both parents and children.

Now, these words do not sound medical and we hope they point out some new friends for you.

1.  Firstly, meet Mr. Thirsty.  He is so thirsty he slurps up extra water you might have in your mouth.  This is great because Mr. Thirsty keeps you from choking.  He’s a great little friend.  And his other funny name is “Suction.”

2.  Secondly, your pediatric dentist might need to introduce you to Mr. Whistle.  He is your noisiest friend at the dentist’s office.  He can buzz and whistle until he buzzes out the sugar bugs.

3.  “Sugar bugs” make cavities. They make ugly little holes in pretty teeth. They make your teeth—and your pediatric dentist–very sad.

So, your pediatric dentist wants you to stay away from candy, cake, sugary drinks.  Instead, choose healthy snacks.

4.  Finally, we can’t wait until you meet the Smile Finder.  It’s a tiny but powerful mirror that can hunt for teeth.  Additionally, it can help you count teeth, and possibly make you giggle.

A Few More Dental Friends

Your Pediatric Dentist Loves Smiling Children With Shiny Teeth.

Sometimes, Children Love Teaching An Older Sibling About Pediatric Dentist And Keeping Teeth Healthy.

Nitrous oxide is the Sweet Air or sometimes we call it Happy Gas. It will make you giggle and a bit sleepy.  Sometimes we use a nice friend named Sleepy Juice or sleepy drops.

Finally, we invite you to meet your silver friends:  We have prince and princess hats for sore or broken teeth. They are really silver crowns for teeth.

Your Check-up With Your Pediatric Dentist

A dentist is a doctor. However, you do not have to get sick to come to see him or the your other friends at the dentist’s office. Your teeth are very important to your health.  That is why we have check-ups.

Your pediatric dentist is  “…a doctor who is specially trained to care for teeth. When you visit for a checkup, your pediatric dentist will look at your teeth and gums to check for any problems.”

Tooth Watching Time With Your Pediatric Dentist

Are you counting your numbers yet? Isn’t it funny if you only have one tooth we call it a tooth.  However, when you have 2,3, or 4, they are called teeth.

Right now you have baby teeth or primary teeth.  Have you noticed they look different from older teeth?

Your pediatric dentist will teach you more about these teeth.  And later you will learn all about your permanent teeth.

Your pediatric dentist, Dr. Troy King,  will help you count your teeth. Then he will check to discover if your teeth are developing properly.

Two times a year, you will visit your pediatric dentist. We will show you how to take good care of your teeth.

Additionally, we have said many times, “We will make certain and that your smile, your teeth, and your gums are healthy.”

At Dentistry for Children, The Waiting Room is a Fun Place

She Has A Real Princess Hat. However, A Princess Hat For A Tooth Is A Special Kind Of Crown That You Can Only Get From Your Pediatric Dentist.

You will notice our waiting room looks like a boat, only indoors.  After all, we are in Florida so it makes sense to us.  We have videos here just for our patients, who are all children.

When you visit the dentist, a nice lady (the dental hygienist) will call your name. Then, you go to a special room and see a big chair. It’s a big comfortable chair, sort of like a recliner.

The chair will have a place to rest your head.  You can stretch out and be very comfortable.  Next to the chair you might notice a tiny sink and you will see a paper cup. You can rinse out your mouth as your teeth are being cleaned.

The Truth about Tooth Cleaning and Flossing

One of the first people you’ll meet at Dentistry for Children is the dental hygienist. Did you know that a dental hygienist is a person who knows all about clean, healthy gums and teeth?

The dental hygienist will look inside your mouth. They will turn on a bright light so they can see how your teeth are growing.

The dental hygienist will clean and polish your teeth. She uses tiny dental tools like a tooth scraper, mirror, and special toothbrush.

More Info on Clean teeth and Preventing the Sugar Bugs

Thy hygienist will use a tooth scraper to remove plaque from your teeth. Plaque is a thin, sticky, sort of slimy film. It coats your teeth and contains bacteria. Additionally, it grows on your teeth over time.

Now, if you don’t have a dental hygienist remove the plaque, you can get cavities.

After the Scraping:  Time for Brushing and Flossing

Then the dental hygienist will brush and floss your teeth. Plus, she will show you how to brush and floss your teeth at home. Fear not!  The floss is just a little waxy string that you can use to clean in between your teeth.

Checking for Cavities:  We Have Superman’s Vision

X-rays are like superhuman vision. We use them to see inside your teeth. Additionally, we can see inside and between your teeth.

During your visit, the dental hygienist takes X-rays or pictures of your teeth. With x-rays, we can spy cavities hiding between your teeth and even problems beneath your gums.

It does not hurt when we give you an X-ray and it takes only a few seconds.

  • To begin, the dental hygienist will place a thick blanket over your chest.
  • The heavy blanket protects your body from the X-rays.
  • Then, you will bite on a piece of plastic. Freeze! Well, just stay still. You see,  the hygienist snaps pictures of your teeth.”

Your Pediatric Dentist Might Give You A Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral. It makes your teeth strong and helps prevent cavities.

To begin, the dentist will paint your teeth very carefully and gently with a watery, flavored liquid. It doesn’t hurt. Actually, it might taste like berries or bubblegum, or mint.

He will need you to keep very still for a few minutes. But your pediatric dentist, Dr. Troy King, will keep talking to you.  As a result, you won’t even notice how long you are in his special chair.

After the treatment, you won’t drink or eat anything for about 30 minutes.  And, just think, then your teeth will be super strong.  For more information on fluoride, visit one of our previous blogs.)

A Lighter Side To Your Pediatric Dentist

Your Little One Will Love Seeing Your Pediatric Dentist At Dentistry For Children.

We close this blog with a small dental joke designed to provoke laughter from most 3-5-year-old patients:

Question:  “Why did the girl go back into the dentist’s office while she was leaving?”
Answer:   “Toothank him.”

We bet you would like another one, so here you go:

Question: How do teeth learn how to chew?
Answer:  “From their school teethers.”

As always, we thank you for visiting the blog at Dentistry for Children.